Mummy Monk in Ko Samui… a Fraud?

Mummy monk (mummified monk) Ko Samui
I went to Ko Samui this weekend to get some photos of things I didn’t get good enough photos of the last 9 times we were there, AND to get some new photos.

We left about 7:45 am on the motorbike headed for Don Sak pier where we jump on the Seatran ferry – motorbike and all. Total cost for the ferry and two of us: 250 baht. We see 4 of my co-workers from school – they’re headed to Ko Samui to do their power-factor workout (I call it). This consists of holding a HELLUVALOTTA weight motionless for 10 seconds – or something bizarre like that. On bench press they are doing like 190kg. That’s 400 some pounds! They’ve been doing this workout for months now and I see no difference in them at all.

If I worked out for 3 months my tone, size and everything would come back quickly and I’d LOOK like I just worked out for 3 months. Anyway, I’m not buying into this workout until I see some RESULTS! They work out once every 10 days. Come on… can this be for real? I’d laugh at them in the gym! But, they say there is real science behind it so what do I know?

It rained on us almost as we arrived at Don Sak. We decided not to pussout because my friends were all there and they’re going no matter what. Of course they are not on motorbike. They take a Sam Lor (pickup) or tuk-tuk around Samui.

So we go… it’s beautiful weather – not hot. Not sunny. Not cold. Not windy. Not raining. The whole day was nice. The ferry had about 50 kids from Had Yai that were very interested in what I was doing, saying, eating… but that’s to be expected considering they probably have NO foreigners in the south dumb enough to be teaching there right now. Nah, there’s SOME – there’s always someone dumb enough – you notice that? If there’s something you think that NOBODY must be doing – someone IS doing it.

So we arrive and it’s sunny! We immediately start shooting photos. I’m a photo nut. I was a paparazzi photographer in New York City for a couple years and when I get the bug – I have to shoot, shoot, shoot.

We ran around the island, ate som-tam at a beach side stand that put exactly NO chili peppers in mine. That sucked. What good is som tam without the peppers? I was pissed the rest of the day!

So, we spend some time exploring forbidden places – literally – we pulled through an open gate at this resort and explored the back of it for over an hour – there was NOBODY there – and when we came back up through the gate we were griped out a bit in Thai – but I just said “Mai Pen Rai Kup” a few times and drove by.

Eventually my g/f says – it’s 4:15… aren’t we going back to Surat today on the ferry? I said WOW. I completely lost track of time. We hardly did anything to lose that much time.

So – we bust can to get back. We were at the furthest point possible (Big Buddha) from the ferry and traffic was nuts so I went as fast as feasible…

Then she says – aren’t we gonna go to see the mummy monk?

Damn. Yes, we were gonna see it. Ok, we’ll go. I stopped at what I thought was mummy monk’s temple and parked. She says – this isn’t it. Fark! She was right.

We kept going and found it. I took some pics, intent on getting a better pic than I had 3 other times I took pics because people were there and I was afraid to offend someone by putting my camera right up to the glass and snapping away.

Today – nobody there. I got as close as the altar would let me and snapped some. This is the best one I have. Now, something on his nose appears to be WHITE. I looked at this in person -and to me it looks like rubber or some plaster or something.

Mummy monk (mummified monk) Ko Samui, a close upIs mummy monk a fraud? They say he’s been there since like 1973. Is he really a silicon rubber replica of the real mummy monk?

Not sure, but it’s now open for discussion. I don’t know whether it’s Jing Jing or not. He sure looks real otherwise, but so did the alien autopsy.

Could someone sit there for that long and not fall apart? Wouldn’t the hair fall out of his head at least? It’s still there! I’ll do a close up and fix the jpg artifacts on this white spot and see if it makes it any clearer.

Please offer any insights you may have…

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  1. Hi,

    If you search for “incorruptibles” in google, you will find that many saints in the Catholic Church are found to be incorruptible after hundreds and even more than a thousand years after the saints’ deaths. One particular relic of an incorruptible saint, a nun, who died soooooo long ago is also positioned in a seating position. One difference though with the monks is that the monks have been mummified whereas the RC saints are incorruptibles that emit a pleasant smell (flowery).

    Nice article!

    Regards, Noel

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