Drunk Farang 6am Arguing with his Ladyboy Partner

This is great, I get to kill two posts today with this one story. A drunk farang was going on and on since 5 am. and finally I decided to at least get some audio (they were too far to get the video). This is a typical interaction in the tourist areas at this time of morning on a Sunday.

They were about 80 meters away and still it was quite clear… F you, F that, go now, go away, every night this, you go with this man, you go with that man, you go away…


Entertaining, but I had to resist a few times from shouting out – SHUT THE HELL UP. This morning I was an understanding type person because I know we all have our problems… tomorrow if it happens again? Well, I’m never really sure about tomorrow…

This movie file is .wmv format and will work with Windows and some other programs. It’s 2.2Mb in size and mostly I took it for the audio so don’t criticize my 6am. video shooting skills with my sony 4mp camera!

Drunk farang argues with ladyboy partner >


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