Half a Beer Leo and I’m Unsteady

I don’t drink much these days. There was a time from 13 to 21 where I drank a hell of a lot. I’d never have called myself an alcoholic, but I drank a lot when I did drink – which was often.

At 14 I was admitted to an elite club in the basement of a local bar in the town I grew up in. It was a right of passage for kids on the sports teams in town. Great way to get introduced to the various beers of the world… running up a tab while doing so.

Anyway – after I finished with the Air Force at 22 I found myself in NYC and didn’t drink there – maybe at all. I don’t remember. I was just pretty much done I guess, having drank myself into oblivion in the Air Force more times than I could count.

Upon moving to Miami I was a hardcore triathlete, runner, bike racer – and didn’t drink at all except for the occasional party once every couple weeks.

I had about 50 outings with my friend Dave once I moved to Tampa. We hit the bars on Friday or Saturday night for a while. That was fun, but I never really got drunk – though I had 5-8 beers a night.

When I first arrived in Thailand I had a friend Mick from the USA that I drank with a little bit in Patong Beach. That was a good time. When I moved away I cut down a lot of drinking.

For the last 5 years, and currently, I have a beer a week – one large Leo beer.

I noticed tonight that I am a bit unsteady on my feet after only drinking half of one beer!

Pretty funny. I used to be able to drink 10-12 beers and still be standing. Hell, in high school a friend I played soccer with, Steve Lipski and I, had a case of Budweiser – just between us.

So beer goes by the wayside here… I do eat a hell of a lot of pretzels from Makro though.

Somebody needs to visit me so I have an excuse to go out and drink with you…



Author: Vern

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3 thoughts on “Half a Beer Leo and I’m Unsteady”

  1. Hi Vern,
    Glad to hear your down to 1/2 beer a week. I don’t drink much myself. I figure at 64 years old I’ve killed too many brain cells already. I can only recall being really drunk 4 or 5 times in my life.
    Keep up the 1/2 beer a week your doing now and your brain will thank you when your 64. Please say hi to your family for us.
    Best wishes always,
    Lee & (sometimes) Maricar

    1. Really Lee – just 4, 5 times drunk in your life? Wow. That’s saying something. Well, I think our livers will be OK. I wonder what is finally going to do me in… I’ll take a wild guess… snake? lol. Cheers!

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