Match the Bar Girl with Her REAL Boyfriend…

Thought I’d have a multiple choice question today…. It’s called, “Match the bar girl with her real boyfriend”…

a.) The guy that banged her last night for “short-time”

b.) The Thai guy that she gives money to every week so he can drink with his friends and not have to work (she really loves this guy from her heart)

c.) The guy she has a baby with in Isaan that her mother or sister is taking care of

d.) The guy she didn’t meet yet that’s gonna bang her tonight “short-time”

e.) The guy she took back to her village in Isaan 2 weeks ago that wanted to meet her family before they get married in 6 months

f.) The other guy sending 25,000 baht every month so she stays out of the bars because they are engaged

g.) The “tom” girl that she also gives money to and that she likes a lot, but is confused if it’s what she really wants

h.) One of the 57 other expats from around the world that routinely give her a go when they’re in town a couple times per year

Which one is the REAL boyfriend?

Which one are you?

I think my readers are too smart to fall for this one… or, they have already been here and seen the anti-bargirl and Pattaya expat rants and raves and go elsewhere for their humor.

Is there another type of Thai bar girl boyfriend I forgot?


Author: Vern

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11 thoughts on “Match the Bar Girl with Her REAL Boyfriend…”

  1. All of the above!!!!
    I feel a little lucky that I moved to Thailand suddenly & found the truth about my 3yr GF who I had visited 4+ time per year 2 weeks or more each time.
    She was deep down a good person & part of me loves her deeply still. Her last sms to me was an apology for “doing bad thing”. I send her only 3k baht on her birthday each year for that alone; it was a whole lot more each month plus the gold gifts plus the holidays etc, only to find out about Mr Japan, Mr Ireland, Mr USA, etc etc, the husband from Denmark, plus the abusive ex BF, the suspect brother & her dyke GFs.
    BTW she was the best woman I ever had in bed & the best of company, despite 2 x suicide attempts that I prevented.
    I can’t help it I still want a Thai woman. If I knew she would be true, I’d probably take her back.
    They get in you heart & soul & blood.

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