Thailand’s Bargirls After?

Some guys start to get it after a while – maybe 6 trips or
so to Thailand, aka “Land of Smiles”. Some guys never
really get it… and they end up marrying a bargirl.

Bargirls are after one thing that you have, and it’s not
those cute dimples either, Skippy. It’s your cash. If you
have cash – you’re desireable. If not, you’re ignored.
See how the older guys with the least desirable looks
are the most sought after at the bar? Do you think the
girls are looking for LOVE or for something else?

Do you think a 25 year old Chinese-Thai girl from
Ubon that is college educated, has a good family and
job at her sister’s law firm would meet a fat train
engineer from Kentucky who is 60+ years old, fat,
smokes and drinks WAY too much, and pushes
her around when he comes to visit her in Ubon at
her family’s home is looking for LOVE IN
AMERICA when she agrees to marry him and
go with him there?

HA! Even this girl is not looking for love… she is
playing the game like the bargirls do – but not
NEARLY as good as they do. I know this girl
personally she is SO gorgeous, she has multiple
“Gigs” that she can meet with in Bangkok, Ubon,
Laos, and Malaysia. She was getting about
20,000b per MONTH from this guy in
Kentucky that was a real horrorshow. This guy
was a nutcase. He wanted her to come stay with
him on the farm! He processed her paperwork
and she was all ready to go when I met her.

I talked to her about this clown, and figured out that
he was about the WORST catch she could possibly
find on the internet. The guy had money – and she

This is a girl that HAD A LIFE here in Thailand,
but the desire to see America and to be able to go
get her Master’s degree there was so high on her
list of priorities that she was actually GOING
to do it.

I talked her out of it.

The guy raised holy hell with her – but she
stayed firm on her plan to not go after I talked
with her.

He still hounds her.

So, this is a decent girl…

A bargirl has less to give up here, so she’ll
be more ready to go.


Author: Vern

I'm an American expat living in Thailand. I like to write informative pieces about life in, living in Thailand, including topics like: Thai People, Thai Culture, Nightlife, Technology, and I have published a lot of photographs, videos, and even books on Thailand that you can find at There are many photographs of Thailand here - feel free to share with attribution (a link back to the home page). All written content on this site by Vern Lovic. Contact me at Google+.

8 thoughts on “Thailand’s Bargirls After?”

  1. Good call least you know the deal.
    I have lived in SE Asia (Vietnam + Thailand) for 5 years and dealt with ALL types of women here. GUYs, wake up !!!
    The facts are: 1. bargirls are after your $$ + go abroad like the US. 2. bargirls can leave ANY abusive man ANYTIME if they want to. 3. bargirls NEVER love a foreigner 4. YES,some foreigner men are abusive towards bargirls (the bad apples)
    5. YES, some bargirls are nasty, cheat and steal money from foreigners. 6. Many foreigners are dumb enough to believe that this young, hot girl really likes or loves them..hahaha. That is actually an “opportunity” for the bargirl to “milk” the $$ out of him, so THE GIRL decides to “play” him and accept his “ways” until she gets what she is after ($$ + passport).

    7. Bargirls have many men “on the go” to maximize their “income”. Don’t think you are the only man in her life. In fact, there is NO “man” in her life…just $$, herself and her family.

    I enjoy and respect SE Asian women…BUT to marry one??? NO thanks.

    Hope this saves some of you GUYS out there from “heartbreak” and losing lots of ca$H.

    Enjoy and play safe

    1. Hi Ray,

      Well – don’t generalize all se Asia women… I found a great one. I’ve met a handful of guys in Thailand that have also… well, more than a handful. Let’s call it a SCORE. Twenty guys that found great girls that I know.

      I know SCORES that found girls in bars too!

      I recommend all guys looking for decent Thai girls to book a flight to Ubon Ratchathani immediately. Rent a car, or get a taxi, van, or whatever you need to – and get out to Ubon Ratchathani University in Warin Chamrap. From there – find “Sadist” Som Tam. It’s supposed to be Sadist – but you know how Thais are with pronouncing the last S in a word. So – ask for Sadit.

      Some great girls going there – students.

      That’s your tip for 2011.

  2. I don’t understand why someone would marry a bar girl and at the same time expect her to be sexually loyal. If he loves the girl and knows she has been with hundreds of men in commercial sex, he should be just happy if she goes out and have a few affairs during the marriage. It would be good for her to have the luxury go out with men she finds attractive for a change, she would appreciate the opportunity. A man who truly loves promiscuous women and respects them to the point of marrying one, would see nothing wrong about that. The fact that she is not sexually faithful wouldn’t imply she doesn’t care, on the contrary. She would care more if she is happier. But again, doing this in Thailand could be problematic because he would be socially singled out. It would be advisable to take the girl overseas and live in a big city where just about every lifestyle is acceptable.

  3. Hi Peter, thanks for writing… I think that any guy that is married to a bargirl that’s under 30 is going to be sharing her with whoever else she’s banging. That’s just what I think. I have seen a friend in Patong bang married ex-bargirls left and RIGHT for a couple years. They are married to a foriegners money – yes, that is true. If you try to leave them – they will go nuts, they do not want to divorce from the guy’s money… and they ARE available to anyone else that wants to bang them for cash. I have seen so many instances of it that it sickens me.

    You haven’t seen it in 16 years? I can’t believe you still have an opinion that most relationships with bargirls turn out OK! You may be hanging out with guys that think it’s OK…

    my guess is, that only a very small percentage of marriages with bargirls are “OK” and then, maybe only ugly bargirls over 30. And then, maybe only ugly bargirls over 30 that don’t remain in Thailand but are taken to the guy’s country. And then, only ugly bargirls that are over 30 that are taken to a guy’s home country and the guy himself is giving her all she needs. I’m guessing less than 2% of marriages turn out OK in the big picture.

  4. A very sad and single minded attitude about relationships with Thai Girls. Many people have sound and long lasting relationships.

    Unfortunately blogs like this only compound the fact that we only ever read about the BAD ones thus giving the (false) impression that all relationships with Bar Girls are doomed.

    Personally I would never entertain marrying a bar girl in the first place but after 14 years in Thailand (I’m 40 by the way) I know many hundreds of guys who have and the vast majority of the marriages work well.

    In this particular case I think you did the right thing but the overall tone of your original post is so way off gthe mark it’s untrue.

  5. Hi Fonzi,

    Did you read the part about the guy hitting her when he came to visit her the first couple times? The guy needs a kick in the azz, face, chest, neck and head, not “saved from the woman” as you suggested.

    In this case I knew the girl and I really think she thought she was in love with this loser. Either that, or she was in love with the money, not sure. ;) Thai girls are brought up to believe that violence is OK if the guy promises not to keep it up. This guy promised and broke the promise twice. He was abusive verbally with her on the phone too – calling her f’ing whore and things… so, whatever. It wasn’t marriage made in heaven. Or in KENTUCKY either as it turned out.

  6. I think it is interesting that both of you take the side of the woman.

    She is leading on many guys from all over the world and milking them for money, yet the guy is the scum bag.

    This girl brought this man into her life, knowing that he is mess, and she did it to scam him out of cash.

    And Vern is saving the girl from the guy?

    Maybe that dude needs to be saved from the woman.

    It never ceases to amaze me how many foreigners judge Thais with a different morality than they would judge their own people.

    Why do you think that is?

    Is there some racism lurking there?

  7. Glad you were able to talk her out of it! Oh, what a horrid life she would have had with that guy!



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