Worst Thailand Bar Flyer – Ever

In my opinion of course…

Thailand Bar Flyer - Advertisement

What is the one 5-word phrase to NEVER, EVER mention if you have a bar in Thailand?

“No Prostitute in the Bar”


How is this the best bar for youngsters?

1. They serve alcohol and pot to youngsters?

2. It’s a safe place for adults going to get ripped out of their mind to bring their kids – a good atmosphere for them.


What is with the huge Marijuana leaf background?

They sell pot here?


And, perhaps my favorite part of the whole flyer – They show Burger King and then an arrow – 50m away is this bar. In which direction – anyone’s guess, just start walking 50m and you’ll find it.

Author: Vern

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3 thoughts on “Worst Thailand Bar Flyer – Ever”

  1. Looks Great.

    – Happy hour all night.
    – Free Pool.
    – Free drink – (You missed that one!)
    – Bob Marley music.
    – 200 Baht for a bucket of booze.
    – No old pro’s hanging round, just a few youngsters.
    – And a Burger King double cheese bacon burger on the way home.

    Where is it??

  2. Hi Vern,
    I’ve got to agree with you on this one. This flyer is strange. It may result in Thailand’s misguided attempt to bill Pattaya as a “Family” vacation spot.
    Best wishes,

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