North Korean Leader: Kim Jong-il’s Crazy Orders

This comes out of the Bangkok Post…

The north Korean leader has ordered the SEIZURE of
ALL automobiles MADE IN JAPAN after he saw a
non-working Japanese made vehicle blocking the
traffic lane in Seol as he was on his way to visiting
the dead body of North Korea’s ex-leader, and Kim’s
father, Kim Il-sung.

Is this guy insane or what? Don’t any of his friends
or others high-up in that dysfunctional government
of his that have Japanese made cars? How can he
order the seizure of all of them???

Recently he conceded and stated that he will
halt production of weapons grade plutonium or
some “xxxxxx-ium” and his nuclear weapons
program in order to either stop or reduce sanctions
that were being levied against his country.

This guy is really great to watch in the news, he’s
always doing something we can laugh at!

The South Korean news agency, “Yonhap” quoted
sources as saying Mr. Kim’s sudden order might
be associated with Japan’s recent push for sanctions
against North Korea after North Korea’s nuclear
test last year.

Author: Vern

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