Pattaya Expat Vern Dead of Suicide…

This could well be me at some point in the future.

Look, life is so full of suck that it’s bad enough being perfectly healthy and able… of fairly sound mind…

If I was in an accident that left me disabled physically… mentally… or BOTH, how much will would there be for me to continue this silly game we’re all playing?

Not a lot of will and an awful lot of won’t.

I sympathized with this guy that tied a bag around his head with shoelaces… and died in his bed after suffering an accident that left him physically and mentally disabled to some degree. And for his family – suicide is such a horrorshow because no matter what you think you could have ‘helped’. How would you go about helping someone regain permanently losing some physical and mental abilities? You couldn’t. Not your fault and don’t be sad about it… be happy FOR the guy that he had the bollocks to do what he needed to do.

So many would-be suicidal persons are so concerned with the effect it will have on family and friends that they torture themselves even MORE over that. They’ve got problems out the wazoo and then they add societal problems of others on top of it. I say – be free to make a choice. Drop the hell out of the game if the game is dicking you around so much and for so long, or so severely that you are tired of the game.

Cheat God, that silly ass that started the game and made all the rules. Skip this level… go to the next.

I’d not want my dad or anyone to continue living for ME. What for? Live their life longer – experience years and years of the dreaded ‘suck’ just to make me happy for a while longer and not having to face the death of my dad? Nah, I’m stronger than that. Take your life dad and do it with a smile as you anticipate what’s next… What a journey!

I’ll regroup, everyone will… 6 months? A year? Me taking 6 months to regroup after my dad’s suicide would be far better than him tormenting himself every day for the next 25 years as he goes on living and playing a f’ed up game. Death is coming…. it’s as natural as breathing. Nope, we don’t know what’s next – but, since you can’t control what comes next – just meet it head on go with it. What else are you going to do? Avoid it?

Billions of people, dogs, cats, and bugs have died before you… I’d say, trillions of bugs and bacteria… so many things dying… it’s the norm, not something to be feared. So what we don’t know what is next… could it be worse than here? better? Let’s get on with it… no sense fearing what we don’t know.

If you read the suicide note, it’s put together quite well. He writes very neatly and it’s a well put together note just explaining why he did it and that he didn’t want any intervention.

I applaud you, Mr. Franklin Lynman Nooner Jr.. You did what you needed for yourself. Good journey and hopefully your family will regroup and understand your right to choose to drop out of the game someday.

I do.

Pattaya City News has the story – of course >


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3 thoughts on “Pattaya Expat Vern Dead of Suicide…”

  1. Hi Vern,
    I have to second Mr.MJ Klein’s comment. I thought you were (or had) checked out of this life.
    Cut that out Dude !
    As for your Dad I thought you were really angry with him?
    In any event quit scaring me man. I have enough PTSD already.
    Best wishes always,

  2. Was hoping to wake people up. Hey, I’ve been looking more at your blog… nice stuff. I’ll cruise by often… Vern

  3. Vern, while i understand the point you are trying to make, your choice of headlines sucks dude. scared the crap out of me when i read it. not cool man!

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