Tagged to Provide Weird Things about Me…

I got tagged by Lillian to do a post.

I’ve never partaken but this one fit my mood and Lillian is nice enough so…

7 Random or Weird things about myself? I’ve already done a post on my other blog about 8 random things – so I’ll do the weird ones – more interesting…

1. I was in the military (Air Force) and I have no tattoos, never smoked, don’t smoke pot and I don’t watch television including football, baseball, or anything else. I don’t gossip. I cuss like a sailor when I’m in the right mood though.

2. I’m writing a book about killing people in Thailand. Fiction of course.

3. I’m a very humble, meek, easy-going guy… until you cross me in the wrong way and then I’ll destroy you.

4. I spend an inordinate amount of time in thought about why God is so absent.

5. I enjoy watching ants. I experiment with them – throw them some curves and see how they react. I’m fascinated by them and every living thing in the world that is born with the capacity to just ‘know’ something. IE: Spiders know how to build a geometrically (almost perfect) web. Bees know how to make a honeycomb full of 6 sided holes. Ants know to move their eggs when it rains. Stuff like that.

6. I’m fascinated by poisonous snakes, centipedes, scorpions… but not really spiders.

7. I’d rather ride the motorbike 400 km than ride a bus in Thailand. Petrified of bus rides here.

I won’t tag anyone but I’d like to see LINE, JASON, GARY, Richard B., Gunny, Stick, Dana post 7 WEIRD things about themselves.

Just for fun…

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