Best Bread in Thailand?

Let me qualify that title… best bread, as in the most easy to find Thailand-wide bread.

If you’re also a bread fiend and get wicked cravings for decent Italian bread of some sort you’ll consider this one of the best posts I’ve ever done. If you never get a craving for western bread don’t waste your time reading this post.

Tesco has bread. Big C has bread. I think I’ve seen both Italian loaves of bread and baguettes at both of those stores. For a while I was getting an Italian loaf at Makro, but the bread was completely tasteless like they used no butter, no egg, and no salt. Believe it or not, that actually works for me when there’s nothing else. I dip the tasteless bread in some green pesto – also found at Makro, and I’m none the wiser.

Makro has a nice assortment of breads in their deli section and I’ve tried a couple of them and with the exception of the plain Italian bread there are some nice breads! Multi-grain, Rye, mountain white loaf…

But yesterday my world changed… they have something named, ridiculously, Losange Poolish bread. At least I hope it’s not a real name. I poked it and it was just the right consistency. It’s thick bread. Hmm. I had to try it. There were 3 croissant shaped pieces for 49 baht – about twice as expensive as a whole loaf of Italian, but easily twice as thick and 10 times as good.

Check out the video… the lighting is florescent and it looked great in the display as I filmed it – but horrible upon viewing the video so I cranked up the brightness and lost all the contrast. Oh well, right?

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2 thoughts on “Best Bread in Thailand?”

  1. Vern the bread does look nice and I’ll take your word that it tastes real good but a spoon stuck in the butter whatever next. With all the rioting currently taking place in Bangkok I’d have thought a knife would have been handier.

    Being English I love a sandwich or some toast at times and finding the right brand can be difficult. I’ve settled on some real cheap Tesco bread which is the nearest I can find to the taste of back home. It might be plain old cheap bread but I do afford it the decency of spreading the butter on it with a knife. Using a spoon, you’re slowly turning into a Thai.

    1. Ha! I had asked whether we owned any butter knives… and, nope – not a one in the house. So I scraped the butter with a spoon like I usually do. Not sure we’ve ever owned butter knives. I have a big hunting knife I brought from the states… that’s what I use for most things – like putting holes in coconuts… it just wasn’t handy and I was eating that bread like it was going to run off, so I wanted to shoot a quick video while I still had some bread to show everyone.

      I talk too much.

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