Thailand ODD Photos Series (Part 4, Animals)

Odd Thailand Animal Photos

Monkeys pretending to have sex at a Ao Nang Beach, Krabi, Thailand. I don’t know why they do this – but they just get in the doggie style and pretend to hump for a bit and then find something else interesting. We descended from these things?

At Wat Tum Sua in Krabi is a stuffed wildcat. Not sure what kind, but I hope this isn’t what they’re calling a Tiger… for some reason I think it is… Wat Tum Sua means Temple Cave Tiger… Apparently a large “tiger” used to roam the foothills there. They can’t be talking about this thing, could they?

Dead birds on top of a temple in Sisaket, Thailand. I was trying to figure out why they died – and I couldn’t come up with anything. There was no nest around. Where I found them it was impossible they had fallen far if they did fall. The fact that they’re together means they didn’t happen to try to fly and found they couldn’t and both crashed there – unless they went at same time and got tangled like parachute jumpers. Any ideas?

Weird statue, Sisaket, Thailand.

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