Thailand’s Police face the ULTIMATE Degradation…

Thailand’s police have been subject to the most sinister of humiliations… in a time when the police, the military, the country is struggling for some respect this comes as a deadly blow to the country.

Thailand’s police caught not following the rules… loitering… parking in no parking zones and such… (shooting people that spit on them?) will be



Is this SICK and twisted or am I just a macho expat that couldn’t conceive of this happening to members of my own policeforce ?

Do they have to carry these guns now?

Bad TUM ROO-UT! Bad boy!

Here’s the blog that broke the incredible news


Author: Vern

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4 thoughts on “Thailand’s Police face the ULTIMATE Degradation…”

  1. Tell the truth – I don’t know, is this for real? It’s good blogging though! Thanks for the story Kat! -Vern

  2. I think this is simply publicity for the boys in brown. I really doubt that any senior Thai cop is going to risk grudges or face for some minor offense such as loitering or parking… And even if they did enforce such nonsense for a bigger crime such as wrongful killing or what have you, that’s quite a lax punishment. Most people would just assume that the cop is promoting some thing, like feed the children in India day or support breast cancer…


  3. Hi Vern, thanks for the visit to our blog. I was totally bewildered when I ran across this news story regarding the Thai police. I wonder how this would carry out if this practice was placed upon US cops, maybe with a Barbie armband. Very funny and quite humiliating, I’m sure.

  4. Is this for real? That’s hilarious! Might not matter if they cops didn’t know what Hello Kitty is, UNLESS someone lets them in on the secret! Then I’m sure they’ll be pissed…Lock & Load…

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