2011 Thailand Resolutions

Things I hope to do in Thailand in 2011:

1. Get a car. When you’re single or even have a girlfriend, it’s OK to have just motorbikes. When you have a baby – time to get a car. We’ll be looking. Anybody got a 5 year old Honda Civic, City, or Toyota Vios, Soluna for sale?

2. Write another 10 books – minimum.

3. Find someone to do projects with. I really need someone into documentary photography or videography to help me with some things I want to do. You’ll be paid – but the object is to use the projects to launch other things that pay much better.

4. Not teach. I enjoy teaching certain age-levels, but overall teaching is a dead end for me. If I teach 3 years, at the end of it – I have jack to show for it. If I write books for 3 years I have 30 books that will earn me money everyday afterward for years and years. Not a tough choice if looking long-term. If looking short-term – teaching pays something. I really shouldn’t spend my time teaching at all – I’ll try to refrain.

5. Again make more of an effort to meet foreigners that are interested in technology, photography, videography, or anything creative that I might be able to work with in some capacity. I’d much rather work with people I know in person than people I meet online. Problem is – there are few foreigners in Thailand motivated to do much beyond continue retirement, or teaching and traveling around. If you’re a foreigner that is entrepreneurial in any sense of the word – contact me and let me know what you’re doing or have planned. I have a lot of ideas about things that can be done and at the least we can brainstorm things.

6. Find a child to adopt. I have this overwhelming need to help kids in bad situations – have a better chance at having a more relaxed and better life. I’ve talked little of this to my wife – but dropped many hints. Maybe time to go beyond hints…

7. Find a place in Thailand to settle down in for the next 17 years or so. I really want my daughter to have a stable childhood experience like I did – living in the same place, I mean. We haven’t yet found the ideal place to live for a long-time. Hopefully we’ll find that in 2011.

8. Shoot more YouTube videos (http://www.youtube.com/user/thaipulsedotcom)

9. Complain less to my wife about how dorked up Thailand seems to be sometimes. There are SO MANY hundreds of things that don’t make sense to me – and yet, by letting them affect me – I’m just a victim of them – not a winner. I need to focus on not being attached to an outcome that has little chance of becoming reality – and just going with the flow like Thais do so well.

10. Blog less, write less on this and all the other sites. Blogging doesn’t make good money. Writing books does.

Good luck to all of you living in Thailand… it’s a tough thing to do, and yet it’s worlds better than the alternative in most cases.

Author: Vern

I'm an American expat living in Thailand. I like to write informative pieces about life in, living in Thailand, including topics like: Thai People, Thai Culture, Nightlife, Technology, and I have published a lot of photographs, videos, and even books on Thailand that you can find at ThailandeBooks.com. There are many photographs of Thailand here - feel free to share with attribution (a link back to the home page). All written content on this site by Vern Lovic. Contact me at Google+.

2 thoughts on “2011 Thailand Resolutions”

  1. vern,

    Im coming to your region of thailand specifically to film, and photograph!

    I know from having read pretty much everything on this site, and having watched all your you-tube videos; that we are freaking birds of a feather my man.

    2011 is GOING to be the year where i Explode on the scene of life!

    I’m 26 (athletic, sharp minded, street smart as all get out, and a VERY talented photo video journalist) with a huge heart for all people and animals! But, Most of all Im an adventuresome go getter with overflowing passion.

    So many events have happened in the past 6 months that all point right for thailand, film, and photography!

    western amenity doesnt mean jack to me either brother!!


    peace and understanding
    Neil Secor

  2. What did you have in mind for #3?

    What kind of books – you can’t write 10 decent books in a year.

    Teaching is a good way to be poor, true – you gotta get out of that now that you have a child.

    5. I felt exactly the same way – wish I found this before I cam back to Canada – I could be back in Thailand before long however.

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