Clarification: ThaiPulse Travel Blog Network

I’ve had a few email exchanges with writers that weren’t clear about the process of blogging with the network.

I’ll try to make it really simple here. We’ll start with the assumption that you’ve been accepted to author one of the blogs.

1. We will review with you what types of subtopics you could/should/would want to cover for your daily posts. There are MANY subtopics under each blog so you won’t run out of ideas. You can blog about whatever you want under the topic – within the limits of decency and language.

2. You can start sending us posts quickly.

3. When you send us an email post we will look it over, format it if necessary – including your photo(s) or video or links to photos, etc. We will post it to the blog.

4. The blogs in the network will all reside on the domain: Each blog will be under a subdomain. Here is the Ko Samui blog address with the network:

If you were authoring the Patong Beach blog that subdomain may look like this:

5. If you want to link to or from these new blogs in the network – you can do so. There might be a limit as to how many times per week you can put links in the blog that point away from the network or which sites you point to – as this all has repercussions in Google’s eyes.

6. The writing material you submit is yours. You own it. The photos are yours as well, but you’ll need to agree to let us use them for the life of the blog as the photos are an integral part of the content of a blog post. If you leave you can use the photos elsewhere. We will keep a copy on our servers to use to keep the continuity of the blog and to keep links valid that other sites may have created.

If you choose to leave the blog network – you do not own the subdomain. We will continue the blog after you leave by replacing you with another author. That author may choose to keep the format of the blog or change it a bit.

7. All you ever have to do – if you choose – is send us email with your new posts. At some point you’ll need to sign up with Google Adsense – if you wish to make money with your blog by placing clickable ads on the blog pages.

8. That’s it.

I hope that clarifies it more.

Oh, one more thing – the blogs you author at ThaiPulse cannot be an extension of any other blogs you have. Meaning, you cannot post blog articles in the ThaiPulse Travel Blog Network – AND somewhere else. You cannot publish the articles anywhere else as it can hurt us in Google’s eyes with what is known as “duplicate content”. Google needs unique content.

Ok, that’s it.

Any questions at all – please write!

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