Escape from Thailand – Do You Have a Plan?

I had an interesting conversation with some guys here in Southern Thailand yesterday about the future of Thailand. Sometimes I think I’m over-exaggerating the idea that Thailand is going to be a scary place to be when that certain event nobody dares talk about – happens.

But, apparently there are plenty of Thais that are thinking the same thing. In fact, these guys were planning for a much worse scenario than I ever thought would happen. One guy is trying to get a passport so he can go to Germany. Another is planning a quick exit strategy with his family to move to Malaysia. They were telling me that large numbers of Thais believe that parts of the south – large parts – will be going to war because there is a high-up guy in the military that commands the southern army and they have their own agenda.

What this means – the truth of it, the reality of it – is all just hearsay at the moment. Maybe these guys are watching too much TV or listening to too many anti-government radio broadcasts. I don’t have any idea. But, it makes me think harder about what is going to happen at a future date.

Is Thailand going to be totally inhospitable for foreigners? Is Thailand going to be warring within it’s own borders as various factions fight for power? Is the military going to attempt to take over – and, is the military united as one – or, will they split up into different groups and fight against each other?

Quite a situation could develop. Not that it will – but, the possibility for unrest is there. Maybe it’s likely.

Do you have a plan to escape Thailand – if or when that becomes necessary?

I wasn’t thinking all that seriously about it before, because I tend to just ignore everything that is going on. However, it’s probably something each of us expats living in Thailand – need to spend some time thinking about. Probably a lot of time.

What are you going to do – what is the plan?

For us – I guess we’ll do things like get baby’s passport in order, get legally married, and all that. Though it wouldn’t be my first choice… or maybe not even my 5th choice, we’d be prepared to move back to the states if there was no better alternative. I’d like to consider some other countries first… Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, Fiji, and I’m always looking for more. I am glad we didn’t buy property – and it’s not likely we ever will buy something in Thailand. The risks are just too high with the present state of things.

If I was single – I’d probably not even be thinking about this… I’d just wait to see what happens. Those of you that have family in Thailand are probably thinking more about this issue.

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5 thoughts on “Escape from Thailand – Do You Have a Plan?”

  1. I know what your talking about but the truth is life goes on and for the majority of Thai’s including the government love farangs and will always welcome them. The world is not going to end when the event in question happens. Thailand will still be the same old place. Thailand has had many problems since it became a democratic country and will continue to do so. But Thai’s won’t put up with anyone sabotaging their interests and money makes Thailand work. Stop foriegn investment and Thailand will fall to it’s knees and the powers that be won’t allow that to happen nor will the average joe selling small wooden frogs that sound like crickets. An escape plan is far from my mind, and really the only thing on my mind and on most peoples mind is how can i move to thailand, how can i keep living in Thailand forever. If someone needs an escape plan may as well leave now. There is nowhere else like Thailand and i’ve been to em all. Thailand is the best place to live. Even you vern, try selling a book called Vietnam Black Book, won’t work mate!

  2. About internet speed. From what I know they have 3G for a while now and moving up to 4G if not there already. Thats why it looks like Laos is progressing faster than Thailand these days. And a lot of Thai people look down on Lao people for being slower than them! Geez! Anyway, about finding things to do. Well if from what I think of your interests in finding and tracking snakes and such, Laos has a better chance of you finding all sorts of snakes.

    So no scare um! Chance um brah!!!
    -Brudda Jon

  3. Laos huh? I have thought about that – maybe that is an option. I just need good food and a safe place. Something to do would be nice too. I find there is so little to do there. Oh, and I need really solid internet. Not fast per se – but, consistent… reliable. Other than food and internet – yeah, I’d consider Laos. LOLAOSed (laugh out loud) – get it?

    If Japan hadn’t nuked itself – I’d consider there too. South Korea – just doesn’t interest me. Was there for 3 months living in a tent during Team Spirit. Not such a cool place either.

    Bali might work. Something in the Philippines or Vietnam might work.

  4. Wazzup Brudda Vern!
    Woaww!! Good topic you brought up. Its something that needs to be discussed but no one wants to bring it up. For me, you probably know from me talking to you earlier is going back home to Hawaii. Mo safe brah!! Another my friend from England was telling me last year when we were talking about this is that a lot of foreigners are moving to Laos. I don’t know where in Laos probably Vientiane because Laos is really opening up to outside countries for business, etc. And from what I saw, Laos is really stepping up in technology and in becoming more modern.
    Anyway good post dude,
    and Talk to you lataz,

  5. Nobody really knows what is going to happen. I for one don’t worry about it because it is all out of my control anyway. I’m sure the changes will be far less disastrous then all the doom and gloomers predict, they always are.

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