Safe Drinking Water in Thailand?

Sometimes I’m still surprised by something during the day… yesterday it was when my girlfriend pointed out that we had some green stuff in the bottom of our 5 gallon? 20 liter? water bottle that we pay 10 baht for with every refill.

You know the kind where the guys come around on a truck once every 5 days to look for your water bottle in front of your house and then they take the 10 baht on the top and replace the old empty plastic jug with a ‘clean’ new one?

Yeah, that water bottle service.

In Surat Thani we got our water for 8 baht for one of these huge containers. I thought – man, what a deal that is. In the store, 8 baht will get you a half liter of Singha drinking water I think it is…

Anyway, so she pointed we had some green stuff. I said, ‘What kind of green stuff?’

She didn’t want to guess. So I had a look. Jesus. What was that? I could see brush marks through the green stuff as if someone halfassedly tried to brush it out – but that was it, very half assed and there was still a lot of green in it.

I took some photoes of the bottom by sticking my camera lens into the hole.

Dirty water bottle interior

Here’s a close up of the left side gunk…

Gunk in my water bottle in Thailand

What do you think? There are two places where the plastic molding comes together in the bottle, conveniently at the very bottom where it makes it tough to get clean if for some reason a clean water bottle should get dirty – which, in my opinion, it never should.

I’ve decided it’s either chemical from some cleaning compound – or it’s green mold. I’m guessing though that it’s cleaning compound because it’s very dark green and thick in the crease.

Either way – WTF are we drinking over here?

Anyone every looked in those bottles before? I never did, thinking them to be as clean inside as the Singha water in the nice new bottles at 7-11.

Anyway, so now we’re buying the expensive 6 liter for 35 baht water from Nestle.

Today my surprise was a 2 meter long rat snake that I tried to get video of, not sure it worked. I’ll view it and then put the video up if you can see it. I doubt it’s very visible hiding under the weeds though.

How can you stay safe in Thailand?

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2 thoughts on “Safe Drinking Water in Thailand?”

  1. nasty!
    In philippines, we have this 5gallon refill bottles. The things is, its SOLID BLUE. So you really won’t be able to see green or any gunk. Green is same color family as blue so no way in hell you will be able to see that!
    Shit. Now I am paranoid. I am gonna have to check it out now.
    Count your blessings that you have while bottle!

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