Sunday Night Violence in Southern Provinces: 27 BOMBS!

Wow, I missed this until Tuesday night, and I’d already posted a couple things online at the site – didn’t want to clutter it up and have nobody see this. But, it runs the risk of being another 12 hours out of date if I wait until Wednesday morning…

Sunday was a day from hell in the Southern provinces…

27 bombs went off

16 arson cases

3 shootings

5 tire traps laid with spikes in them to stop cars.

53 injuries

7 persons died

Then, there’s something from a General who “fears attacks may come to Bangkok”…

paraphrased from BKK post

First Region Army commander Prayuth Chan-ocha condemned southern insurgents responsible for the Sunday night bombings and arson attacks in the deep South, saying that they “attack people from behind.”

Lt-Gen Prayuth said the attacks caused him to worry about possible attacks in the central region, especially in Bangkok.

The concern was shared by Council for National Security chairman Sonthi Boonyaratkalin, who told security agencies to watch out for possible attacks during the Songkran festival in April.

Lt-Gen Prayuth added that there were still gaps in cooperation between soldiers and police, which cause tracking down of suspects to be slower.

He added that the army would step up security measures at locations where arms and weapons were stored to prevent insurgents from breaking in and stealing the weapons.



They’re going to step up security measures at locations where arms and weapons were stored to prevent insurgents from breaking in and stealing the weapons?

Have they done that in the past?

I am so amazed at what makes it into the Thai newspapers and on television. The things in bold above are things that I really can’t believe were said.

It’s like this country is being run by a bunch of clowns. Is this what the Thais’ like to hear – does this make them feel better that they’re going to step up security at the ammo depots so the insurgents don’t try to break in and steal some weapons?

They’re using arson, simple pistols and rifles, and bombs. Why would they need to break into a secured area to reveal who they are and risk being shot at? That’s a high profile risk they don’t need to take. They have weapons. They have fire. Cavemen had fire! They have bombs that are detonated by cell-phones. Why do they need to break in somewhere to steal ammo and weapons?

Thailand is completely unprepared for anything going on in the south. They continue to let teachers, monks, government workers, and children die in the streets in ambushes, arson, bombings, and being set on fire while alive.

They have made serious errors of judgement in the past, and are making more daily – mostly by ignoring what is going on. When was the last major effort that we heard about? What happened? It’s all ignored so the Junta and others in positions of power can save face.

I wrote something else about how to solve the problem of the south in another post, I’ll provide a link to it below. It’s a half-hearted attempt to show that if Thailand got tough, really tough, and also really realistic – they could solve the problem or 95% of the problem in about 30 days.

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Another short article about violence in Thailand’s Southern provinces

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Night Violence in Southern Provinces: 27 BOMBS!”

  1. Another good indication General Sonthi is sleeping on the job and even now is attempting to push the blame on to a tiny red dot hundreds of miles away. A real big (and unfortunately bloody) joke at the expense of the Thai people. People of Thailand, you have my condolences for getting stuck with this rabid dog with martial delusions.

  2. They (rebels) may want to steal better weapons so they will be armed well enough to fight the Thai Army.

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