Thailand Cautions

Thailand cautions

Many times a guy will say the girl looked “old enough” and we all know what that means. Maybe she was and maybe she wasn’t. Old enough here is 18. I think there are many young girls in the business that are 16 and 17 with fake IDs.

If you care then check the ID.

Phnom Penh is known to be a more dangerous place than Thailand. The people are on edge. There are MANY guys with guns. Girls too? There are frequent shootings and people murdered over jealousy, bad business decisions, stupidity and everything else. I’ve considered dropping
in there to see what all the fuss is about but so far I’ve stayed away and been quite safe for my 2 years in Thailand. I’ve had my MOMENTS – which are a future post or two away… but for the most part, safe as a kitten.

I believe the only way farangs REALLY get into danger here in Thailand is to bring it on themselves. Yes, one can bring it on his self by being ignorant of how to act here – and that is a BIG cause of Thai on Farang violence here. Eliminate the ignorance and see how much better we all get along.


“Girls” with short humerus bones. This is a trick that a guy that owns a bunch of bars in Patong has told me about. He said that the way he can tell a ladyboy if it’s not all that obvious is the way they stand. Women have a longer humerus bone – upper arm bone. Guys naturally (genetically) have a shorter one. See how odd it is when you see a girl with a short humerus, it’s like maybe she has down’s syndrome or something. It’s just not in our make-up to be attracted to short ones. I don’t know why. Cavemen never understood

So – ladyboys know this fact of biology. They know that they have a short one. They attempt to compensate by standing sideways with their elbow on their hip – like a girl can do more naturally because not only is her humerus longer, but the distance from her hips to her shoulders is shorter than the average guy – and girls can do it rather easily for the most part.

Ladyboys look VERY ODD when attempting to do this maneuver. LOOK FOR IT!

Anyway – that’s my notecard for today.

I’m not sure how these are going over. I made more than 60 of them now and I’ve published about 8 of them, but not one comment yet. I’ll post the rest and see if anyone is into them, if not, I’ll stop.

I think it’s going to be a case of some hit you and some don’t. Like any joke.

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  1. Vern,

    I don’t pay quite as much attention to the cards themselves because it is not how I think ~ but I sure appreciate your commentary based on them. :)



  2. Hello Vern,
    I’m enjoying your index cards. Some I enjoy more than others,but,I enjoy most of them. Best wishes,
    Lee Martin

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