Thailand Forums Rant: I got dumber today…

Let me get this out in the open… my brilliance shows itself in only two areas:

1. I can see the big picture. I can see things as they are happening and contributing to the big picture… I can predict with quite a lot of accuracy the events that will happen – especially if they are negative and directed toward me.

2. I am attached to nearly nothing. This is brilliant because if something happens – I’m rolling with the change it brings. I meditated over the course of a year and effectively lost attachment during that time. Some has come back – but very little and I am aware when it’s happening and I let it go. I love my girlfriend… but I realize, that I’ve love many women throughout my life… where are they now? I’m not attached to her either. I love my son… when his mom took him and moved away – I was shocked… hurt, I was attached for a long time… but you know – attachment to ANYTHING brings pain. I’m pretty much done with pain.

I reveal these two things about myself because I am at a total fuktong loss for what the new visa restrictions mean to me as a teacher in this country that is winding itself around the hairs and dingleberries in the bottom of my shower drain to keep from slipping down the drain.

I’ve read the ThaiVisa site – the forums… Forums themselves make NO good sense to me at all. WHO the hell can follow that and would prefer that method of getting information?

It’s in bits and pieces… It’s from the brilliant and idiots all at the same time – mixed together, it’s hard to figure out who is who.

In order to find information on the new visa requirements I’ve read about 650 posts spread out over 65 pages of Thaivisa forum…

Here’s what it’s like to attempt to get information out of an internet forum – ANY forum, I’m not just picking on ThaiVisa :

In order to read the 5 pages of good information where people are actually ANSWERING the topic and contributing something positive that will make me smarter… I had to read:

* 21 pages of personal comments and personal jokes between long-term Thaivisa forum expat regulars who sit at the computer all day and make themselves write 60 comments each day in the forums so they’re Username will show “GOD POSTER” “11,276 posts in this forum” or some silly label.

* 14 pages of forum members who think they’re contributing – but who are really just mucking up the topic… they’re asking new questions, they’re answering questions nobody is asking… they are bored and want to write something – maybe to get more posts by their username too – and whatever they’re saying can be disregarded by all.

* 25 pages of off comment topics – for instance, like when some jackazz decides to HIJACK a topic because there have been 38,444 “views” of the topic that relates to something important that EVERYONE is interested in and he wants people to see his post…

He says something like this…

“I was wondering about the garbage pickup in Udonthani… is anyone having problems since just last week?”

From there the whole post goes to hell for a long time until someone pulls it back on topic. The moderators don’t seem to do it “enough”… and so it’s a fuktong freeforall. Every topic with any meat ends up like this. Watch for it…

So – I got a little bit of information about the new visa regulations – but, many posts contradicted each other… the various immigration checkpoints in different countries where we do our visa runs contradict each other… some of them deny us entry, some require papers we’ve never heard of (police checks from a station in BKK??!!)

It’s understandable if some are confused. Since the site is CALLED ThaiVisa I thought it might be cleared up with a visit… but, I’m dumber from having gone. Can anyone point me to a write-up that is not a forum that defines exactly what the rules are?



Author: Vern

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6 thoughts on “Thailand Forums Rant: I got dumber today…”

  1. Did you read the results of the recent survey about the Thai Visa membership? When you get a large majority of old farts, no surprise the quality of the forum is so bad.

  2. I like your comments about the forums :-) In fairness to thaivisa , they do make some effort to have certain links like “10 steps to a work permit”. Other forums have the usual mix of knowledgeable people, idiots and those with nothing better to do than post junk.

    You make a good point.

  3. Yep, I can believe that too to some degree. It appears that different people have different experiences here and at the border… the processing stations. If your passport looks like you were a 30day tourist for 6 years – they might just make a decision to make it tougher for you. If you’re an azz to the person that stamps your book – you might be an azz that doesn’t get a stamp in your book…

    It’s far too subjective for me…

  4. I think the thing you haven’t realised is that the rules really are inconsistent and depend on who you are and where you are. Not even the Thais probably completely understand them.

  5. Is that right? I can get a year multi tourist visa from the USA? Hmm, I gotta find some info about that! Hawaii is an easy trip from here and I’m sure they process that stuff since they’re the closest state to us. Can you send me email to: thaipulse at[] about where you heard about that? Thanks!

  6. It’s not just you.. I was just as confused whenever I looked at the ThaiVisa posts regarding how to stay in Thailand.. luckily my work just came through with a work-permit/visa for me.

    I hope things work out for ya, and wish you the best of luck whichever way you decide to go! As a last resort, you can always go back to the US and get a 3 or 4x multi tourist visa which will last you a year (for a 4x).

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