3 thoughts on “Thailand Tip #14: Tsunami Warning Email or SMS Subscription from USGS”

  1. guys, i tried the usgs service but i cannot figure out how to make it work. however i see there are some other websites offering SMS to Mobile Phone alerts. these 2 are pretty decent, cwarn.org and http://www.sms-tsunami-warning.com. the second sends alerts to your family too.

  2. The listings for service in the SMS US to US carriers do not work for Thailand.

    For Thailand (until the situation changes and Thai carriers offer this service) it is better to use a third party Email to SMS gateway service, for example:


    We use both of these, for both disaster alerts and network / security management alerts.

  3. DTAC discontinued that service a while back. You cannot send an SMS to DTAC directly via email anymore. DTAC forces you to use a different service where you can forward an alert to your phone, but you with have to GPRS to read the message. a way for DTAC to make GPRS money.

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