Were Chiang Mai Deaths Caused by “Chlorpyrifos” – Bed Bug Spray?

A New Zealand group is saying they tested the rooms where some visitors died in a Chiang Mai hotel, and found Chlorpyrifos, a chemical used in Thailand to treat bed-bug infestation. They believe this is the cause of deaths at the Downtown Inn in Chiang Mai.

The chemical is banned from indoor use in some countries. In the USA it is used only agriculturally.

The chemical has a half life of 1 day. Meaning, it’s very hard to trace.

Is this the answer we’ve been looking for? Bed bug spray? Wow…

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2 thoughts on “Were Chiang Mai Deaths Caused by “Chlorpyrifos” – Bed Bug Spray?”

  1. Hello Vern,
    Nah it was a NSA test of the latest killing spray disguised as a “bedbug” spray. Needless to say NSA (No Such Agency) can’t admit this.
    I really like the NSA use of “bedbug” as a codename. Look for the mass export of this “bedbug” spray to the Middle East in the near future.

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