Check Your Email Inbox Carefully for Thai Friends’ Email…

If you know a lot of Thai people that have your email address you probably will want to spend some time checking the mail that comes in rather closely… I’m amazed sometimes at the subject lines I get from past students… Here is one from today…

“ATC Mr.Nakarin QA Sect.” was the person that sent it.

“an Alumnus” was the subject line.

This was from an engineering student that I taught in Ubon Ratchathani for 10 classes so he could do well on his interviews in Bangkok for engineering positions. He wrote me to tell me he got a job and the interview went well… He was able to get a lot more money than friends who weren’t prepared for the English part of the inteview. I thought that was cool. Finally – i see some personal satisfaction from all that teaching!

Typically email from Thai students from the past comes across as a series of nonsense characters in the “from” address – as they use thai characters and when I’m in Yahoo on my FireFox browser it just shows as crud that can’t be made sense of. I used to trash those automatically. God knows how many students letters I’ve trashed in the first year of being in Thailand.

You should check your spam and trash folders before deleting for good also because sometimes the spam filters grabs them and tosses them there before they even make it to your inbox.

Ok, that’s it – got a lot of writin’ to do…

14,000 words yesterday! Book 1 is now at 99,000 words and growing.

Ok, stay out of the air and keep it in your pants….

look both ways…

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One thought on “Check Your Email Inbox Carefully for Thai Friends’ Email…”

  1. I recieved 2 mails from my loyal website visitors
    (My old website closed 3 years ago)
    I almost mark them as spam
    Glad I didn’t do it. :)

    Sender : Panda Hmbb
    Subject : Do you remember me?

    Sender : pp eete
    Subject : [none]

    I myself as Thai, don’t like to expose my full name and family name in sender name too
    and my english is limited so sometimes I can’t come up with what to put in the subject

    p.s. I found you on twitter :)

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