Even More on Counterfeit Money in Thailand

The Nation had a little more information that I haven’t seen elsewhere about the counterfeit bank note problem in Thailand.

Apparently if you’re withdrawing money from the bank ATM you need not worry says one official. ATM’s cannot be fooled – they don’t have ANY fake bank notes. The banks screen their cash thoroughly and there’s no need to worry.

The second piece of new information mentioned specific serial numbers that one should pay close attention to… here’s the quote from this The Nation article:

Can ATMs be fooled?

Some people are even worried about the possibility of receiving fake notes from ATMs.

“That possibility is nil,” Thai Bankers’ Association secretary general Thawatchai Yongkittikul insists. “Banks have effective systems to detect counterfeit notes. Our automatic machines can distinguish the fake from the authentic too.”

Members of the general public are being asked to look out for the forgeries.

How to spot one

According to a Bangkok Bank source, notes with serial numbers starting 9A650 and 2D150 should be examined carefully.

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One thought on “Even More on Counterfeit Money in Thailand”

  1. In Pattaya right now, there is alot of counter fit money floating around. This is a terrible situation, and it is always the poorest that suffer the most. Imagine you live on 8,000 Baht a month and you get stuck with 1 counter fit note.

    I hope the Thai police are able to track down the people behind this fraud.

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