Koh Samui Murder, Australian Man’s Son with Thai Wife (early this morning)

Here's a really sick story out of Thairath newspaper.

A boy 5, years old was slammed against a marble table, cut across the throat with a knife, and then had his heart pierced through with the knife and is now dead.

This happened at the house of the parents, an Australian man and his Thai wife, 30 years old, who is a nurse.

The Thai woman had her throat cut and is in serious condition at the hospital.

No property was taken.  It is suspected that it was the Thai boyfriend of this woman, prior to her meeting the Australian man and having a baby with her.


Man, that sucks.

Author: Vern

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2 thoughts on “Koh Samui Murder, Australian Man’s Son with Thai Wife (early this morning)”

  1. im am family to the x-husband ,as i married 1 of the family, as as you know thailand is a place were they are not to good at solving crimes ,,so they go for the easy way out ,,,any way my cus is in no way poss to kill a kid and a girl who means nothing to him now as he is remarried and so happy ,,so let she what mom says when she can talk ,,,,BET IT WAS THE SHOP SHE OWS MONEY TO ,all my love to the both of them,,poor boy ,,xxxx

  2. That is horrible! I often wonder how people can have such a heart to do things so awful. :(


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