Serial Killing… Thai Style.

This is the first I heard of a Thai serial killer. I knew it would be different than I’m used to from the moment I read the headline. It had to be right?

The article is below…

Security guard arrested for allegedly serial-killing 7 colleagues

A security officer has been arrested for allegedly beating 18 colleagues who dozed off while on duty, killing seven of them, severely injuring the rest.

Metropolitan police chief Pol Lt Gen Assawin Kwanmuang told a press conference that Witthaya Jaikhan, 30, was arrested at his home province of Nong Khai.

Assawin said Witthaya was arrested because of evidence related to one of his victims, Jakkrapol Maomeechan.

Jakkrapol was attacked and killed while guarding Mitsubishi car showroom in Bangkok’s Khan Nayao district in July.

He said Witthaya also used Jakkrapol’s mobile phone to call Witthaya’s wife after the attack.

Assawin said a record from a security camera also showed that Witthaya was the suspect in Jakkrapol’s murder.

He said Witthaya had admitted beating other security guards, who dozed off in duty, with iron pipes since January and he made the latest attack on November 4.

Witthaya claimed he disliked colleagues who dozed on while on duty so he always attacked them when no one else was around.

Assawin said Witthaya made a total of 18 attacks, killing seven of his victims.

The Nation

So the guy killed his co-workers because they slept on the job as security guards? I think that’s EXPECTED behavior here, not something to die over. And, since when did Thai people start caring what others did? This guy had to have some American in him. Had to… come on, I’ve never met a Thai that gave a care at all about what someone else was doing – maipenrai mai pen rai… Do they hold everything inside, or does it just go away most times?

I’ve been under the impression that little things just go away… but maybe they store those up inside too?

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  1. I think you may have discovered the only security guard in Thailand with a sleeping disorder. One that won’t allow him to take a nap on cue!

    Jealousy as a motive perhaps?

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