Something HEINOUS happened, I’m Just Not Sure What!

There was a very interesting article at the Pattaya Daily news but I’m not sure what exactly happened. Can someone read it, decipher it and let me know? A girl was in an accident, kidnapped, raped, in another accident – and at the police station for the 2nd accident when she suddenly revealed she’d been kidnapped? Is that it?

The story is a little less than fluid – >

Author: Vern

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2 thoughts on “Something HEINOUS happened, I’m Just Not Sure What!”

  1. That’s it.

    She was set-up the first time.

    Kidnapped and taken to an ATM and withdrew as much as her daily allowance would allow.

    The kidnappers seen she had more money so keeps her captive until after midnight. They eat and drink with her money and also rape her.

    One guy then a little drunk is driving her and her car to an ATM to get more money when he crashes it into another car.

    Somehow the rapist ends up at a police station with the victim and the other couple just think she is the girlfriend of the guy.

    When the two guys are being questioned she confessed all to the other girl who informed the policeman. He was arrested and they also caught his mate.

    Very strange story.

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