Trust No One

I read a post this morning about an incident that may have been an attempt at an abduction of a child by a Thai man.

Thai man says to girl, “get into the truck”

Thought you should read it too in case you have kids in Thailand. In my experience I’ve not seen many Thai men act overly nice toward someone else’s kids. I don’t see them play with them, talk to them, smile at them or anything else. Thai men pretty much ignore kids – especially someone elses kids.

Could be entirely innocent – but I don’t trust anyone here. Not Thai, not farang. You can’t. There are so many predators here – of all sorts, that if you let your guard down you might be had.

Who wants to be had?

Author: Vern

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One thought on “Trust No One”

  1. I find this especially true at the temple.. […] I always talk to them.. I say hello, how are you? and normally give them 10 or 20 baht. Now all the children that come to the temple come and say “hello” to me. I prefer to thank of it as both being polite and community building.. I tell the abbot, that the children he sees today, is going to be the leaders of the community tomorrow. I like building a connection with them now… I like to show them that all monks are not grouchy old men. :-) Now when I go out on Pindabot in the morning, mom’s bring their children out to say “hello – good morning” to the phra farang.. and the kids love the attention from a phra farang… “-)

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