2010 Koh Pha-ngan Full Moon Party Dates

Koh Pha-ngan's Full Moon Party experience is not all that different than what you see here on this can. Very much like that in fact. width=
Koh Pha-ngan's Full Moon Party experience is not all that different than what you see here on this can. Very much like that in fact.

This just released, on a bottle of “Shark” cola here in Thailand. Shark, if you haven’t had it is like Red Bull. Exactly like Red Bull and it’s even made in Austria, just like, “Red Bull”. Safe to say it’s RB.

Here are the 2010 Koh Pha-gnan Full moon party dates:

Saturday January 20
Sunday February 28
Tuesday March 30
Wednesday April 28
Thursday May 27
Saturday June 26
Monday July 26
Tuesday August 24
Thursday September 23
Saturday October 23
Sunday November 21
Tuesday December 21

Book your flight into Bangkok and head down to Koh Pha-ngan for the outrageous Full Moon Parties. There was rumor they were going to make them drug free – but, so far – that is JUST a rumor.

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10 thoughts on “2010 Koh Pha-ngan Full Moon Party Dates”

  1. I am trying to find out what theactual dates for the April and May FMP’s in 2001, can anyone help me out please?


    1. Robin,

      Did you misprint- or is that 2001? Why you want to know the dates of the Full Moon Party for those months? You have a baby 9 months later? What in the world?

      1. Why do you want to know? Not really any of your business! But i am setting up a reunion for a few of us that met then – but we were all so twisted we cant remember that date, simples !

  2. A couple of years ago I was in a band and we spent 3 weeks recording an EP in Minnesota. One day, while exploring an unfished section of the building the studio was in, I found at least 100 cases of an odd apparently Thai energy drink called “SHARK”! They were all expired, but I grabbed a can just out of curiosity (still unopened in my room actually).

    I did a bit of investigating and it turns out the owner of the studio got involved with some shady scheme on a trip to Thailand and ended up spending QUITE A BIT of money for what ended up being expired cans of Shark :)

    As of last year Shark started popping up everywhere in the midwestern U.S., especially overpriced music/movie stores that carry Japanese candy and video game-themed treats (Suncoast, FYE).

  3. Hi Bill,

    My first full moon party was in 2001 and since then I’ve been back a couple of times and kept loving it. I guess it is less peaceful as hippie parties in the sixties but one of the most unique outdoor dance festivals I’ve ever experienced.

    The can must be new even though Shark has been sold on these parties as long as I can remember.

  4. I made one Koh Pha-Ngan full moon party back in 2003. That was enough for me.. :-) It reminded me of the hippie parties in San Francisco in the 60’s, but way not enough peace and love. I thought the full moon party was a little too violent. I expected a more laid back friendly atmosphere. Agression is just a sign of the times I guess.

    1. I’ve yet to go Bill. I’ve avoided drugs like the plague here – and will continue to… Now, the hippy parties back in San Fran in the 60’s – that’d be something!

  5. Shark is a true competitor of Red Bull I believe but it is difficult to sort this out from the information available on the web.

    Who EXACTLY makes Shark? Both the Thai original of Red Bull, Krating Daeng and Shark are based on the drink Kilane, first created by a chemist in Bangkok over a hundred years ago. Osotspa, the company that devolved from the original producers of that drink, now imports the product they call Shark from Austria, significantly as you say.

    They also introduced Lipovatin, one of the other direct precusors of Red Bull into Thailand from Japan in the 1960’s. However the Thai Red Guar (Bull) was not made by Osotspa but by the Thai company T.C. Pharmaceuticals and there is no mention of Red Bull in the Osotspa or Shark websites. T.C. get 49% of the world-wide sales of Red Bull. Sigh.

    There is no information to directly connect Osotspa with Dietrich Mateschitz, the Salzburger who took Red Bull from Thailand to the world.

    Is everything joined in one great conspiracy in this world or what?

    http://www.osotspa.com/ (check the Heritage section)

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