72 Bottles of BeerLao on the Wall…

I used to hang out with an American expat named John, from Ubon. We used to make these monthly alcohol runs over to the Laos border to stock up on the essentials. For us both – that meant a case or more of Beerlao. Whatever we could get across the border, basically. This was back in 2005, so there wasn’t even any legal importing of Beerlao going on at the time, but there were tons of bar owners making their trips too – and grabbing 10 cases at a time – so we heard from the package store that was selling us the Beerlao in Chong Mek, Ubon Ratchathani Province.

Anyway, since I’ve lived elsewhere for the last 5 years, I haven’t been able to get my hands on much Beerlao from the motherland. I had a friend in Ubon for a while that was sending it by post in a box – a six-pack at a time! It was cans and though it wasn’t excellent, it was acceptable, because it still had the label god put there himself.

Fast forward to 2011 and I finally found some BL in the local Big C. They had bottles out for individual sale, so I bought all 72 of them. They were 39 THB each, and to me – a very nice bargain. If I flew to Laos it would take me a lot more than what I paid. Plus it’s impossible to import a case without fear of the customs guys tackling you – from what I “heard”.

I’m into my 2nd bottle here, and it’s delicious. Apparently it didn’t have any long-time in the heat of Thailand and it’s quite right.

Anybody else into the beer of the gods?

Author: Vern

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3 thoughts on “72 Bottles of BeerLao on the Wall…”

  1. I can drink pretty much any kind of beer or hard alcohol that they have in Thailand (although I’ve never tried Lao Khao). For some reason, Beer Lao gives me a huge headache after only one bottle. The Tesco/Lotus in Phuket has them for sale once in a while, but I wouldn’t dare touch the stuff.

    1. Wow, that’s strange. Me and a friend had 8 beers each of the stuff in Bangkok a couple nights back – and felt great. I guess you’re allergic to something in it. I love the stuff. Will check out your blog in a few minutes…

  2. Howzit Brudda Vern,
    Just to add my two cents. I havent tried beerlao in
    for about 15 years now but I remebered that it gave me the
    runs. Its probably better now though. Anyway other than the runs
    I remembered it was a pretty smooth beer.
    Hey did you get my reply to your email you sent me?
    K den lataz,
    Brudda Jon

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