Meditation Calling – Is Vern home?

Lotus of Thailand
Over the past few days it’s been in my mind. Part of the reason I came to Thailand was to talk to some senior English speaking monks at Wat Pah Nanachat and Suan Mokkh about the process of “jhana” and losing the ego and other things that appeared to have been going on while I meditated so long ago.

I also came to see if Thailand’s culture – which accepted Buddhist meditation as normal, unlike the USA, would facilitate the process if I chose to go forward with it again. I’ve been here for a while now and just not felt the urge to go back and start the process again. Until recently.

Over the last days and even some weeks there have been times when I’ve felt like meditating again. I’d pretty much stopped cold 10 years ago because the process, once it kicks in is so overwhelming, and the changes it makes so profound… So hard to explain anything about it.

I’ve written a little bit about it on my other blog ( and thought I’d keep the topic going here as well.

I’m planning on going to a mountain-top temple in a day or so and meditate for a day, 2 days, 3 days. I don’t know how much I’ll post to the blogs, depends on the phone service up there and if I’m able to upload the photos to the blog or not. I’ll need to do a test to see if posting works since I’m FTP’ing my blog to my own hosting plan at Godaddy and the usual functions of Google’s “Blogger” may not be functional.

If anyone is interested in meditation – a simple meditation without following Buddhism or any other religon or “ism” I created a free e-book on my site that is in the “Pages” link in the upper right hand side of that site. It’s a PDF file and it covers about 22 days of meditation. The meditation is very easy, and it’s basically all I did. I took it from a few sources… SN Goenka’s Book on Vipassana Meditation primarily.

Ok, I’ll be testing the upload photos functionality to see if it’s working and then maybe one more post before I go to my meditative retreat on the mountain.

Author: Vern

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2 thoughts on “Meditation Calling – Is Vern home?”

  1. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for writing. Thailand is an amazing place whether you come for a few days or years! Aahhhh meditation…. I have a section of my site dedicated to my meditative experiences at if you’re interested in seeing videos or hearing mp3’s about some of my experiences while doing basic focus on breathing meditation. Some experiences – really bizarre… I’d like to hear more about your experiences. Have you written them somewhere online? Can you write them here?

    I also have a meditation course e-book for free somewhere… I think best place to find it is at Aim for Awesome!, another of my sites at a link at the top for free e-book.

    Ok – thanks again for writing – I hope you send me email, comment here or point me to a place online where I can read about your experiences!

    Bye Sarah, Vern

  2. Vern!!

    I am so glad you have this blog running. =) It is so nice reading about Thailand from an American expats perspective. I can relate to your experiences ALOT. I am also an American who just returned from a 5 month study abroad trip to Thailand and i can not wait to get the heck out of here and get back to Thailand!!

    I have been following Buddhist meditation for the past 5 months and I have had some strange and intense experiences. I guess you could call them Jhanas. No one here can really explain what is happening, all I can do is read about it. Ive pulled back because i find my post meditation experiences to be too intense for my daily life in america. Plus there are not a lot of teachers to turn too here, sadly. Anywho, it is nice to know I am not alone in this experience. I hope you continue your practice. See you in Thailand!!


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