Renting Motorbike in Nong Khai?

I always make a point of sharing stuff that will help others when I have a difficult time finding it online.

I searched all over for “motorbike rental nong khai” and found jack. One post said – “You can find motorbikes all over Nong Khai to rent.”

Yeah, well that’s great – but I don’t want to go all over to find one.

We asked the hotel where we booked a room – the manager didn’t have a CLUE where to rent a motorbike. Wow, great.

When we got here to the hotel we asked a girl working the free morning breakfast where could we go to rent a motorbike and she gave us quick directions. Up the road, make a right, it’s on the right.

So – for you – go to MeeChai Road – it’s a road running parallel to the Mekhong River, but not along the river. There are a number of places on that road we saw close to where the “PIER” is. One place wanted 40 baht per day for a Honda Wave motorbike, or 200 for the Honda Click Auto.

“Limmanee Motor” 083-148-3166 or 042-460808

666 MeeChai Road, Nong Khai

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4 thoughts on “Renting Motorbike in Nong Khai?”

  1. I will be stayinging nearby Phen during sept and oct
    do you hqave big bike for rent . not too big say 250 cc

  2. Hired a Honda click 125 of Limmanee in June 2014,great service and really lovely genuine couple,he’s chinese she’s thai,hired the scooter for 3 days no problem,scooters looked new and rode well 2 up,they also have a nice breakfast cafe next door, we tried outside mutt mee where we were staying but motorcycle hire wasn’t open.Id recommend and use Limmanee .Howard Neely.Sydney.Australia.

  3. I have motorbikes for rent in Nong Khai
    200 baht per day for Honda Click. All bikes are in good condition and well maintained.
    Call and I will bring the bike to you!


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