Thailand UFO

Thailand UFO going West toward the setting sun.

UFO in Thailand goes West across sky

We had just finished eating dinner at an outside restaurant and I glanced up to see a bright V in the sky. I figured it was a hello to me, “Vern” from God, and I went back to watching our daughter so she didn’t fall in with the koi fish in the pond.

Then I looked back up. WTF was that?

Here’s a pic… it was moving toward the sun… I blew it up with my 10 MP camera – which I had at full optical zoom (10x) and braced against some things to shoot it steady. The shutter was at 1/500th a second for most of the shots.

Pretty clear… either a rocket, or an asteroid. I’m guessing asteroid. Anybody else see it?

Pics copyright 2011 taken from Sisaket at 18:07:56

Author: Vern

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2 thoughts on “Thailand UFO”

  1. Awesome shot but I’m sure it’s neither an asteroid or a rocket.

    You see, just a day prior to you taking that picture my X-wife sister notified me that my X-wife had just bought a new broom.

    I have no doubt that is her testing out her new ride.

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