Unique Thai Experiences

Unique Thai experiences!

I wasn’t really aware that there was another level past
the level of sweating, crying and my nose running like

My Isaan girlfriend told me that she has another experience and it happens after crying, and sweating and her nose running… she says that she begins to feel air coming out of or into her ears. She’s not sure which.

Did anyone else experience this?

I’ve eaten what has been some VERY spicy food in Isaan before. Regularly eaten it, as in daily… and yet I think I must be stopping before I reach this special and unique Thai experience.

I think my better judgement tells me to STOP when other Thais just keep going because they are still getting some pleasure out of continuing to eat the
spicy food. For me – the pleasure begins to be outweighed by the pain in my mouth, AND the snot running out my nose and the sweating.

The sweating is aggravating because if I’m eating at an outdoor restaurant in Isaan and it’s spring and HOT like the desert, AND I’m wearing polyester pants and long sleeve button down shirt and Thai for teaching – it can get pretty hot. There’s never enough tissue to take care of my nose fluids either.

So – usually I stop as I come creeping up on that point.

Thais’ just go for it!

Did you get it before?

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4 thoughts on “Unique Thai Experiences”

  1. Dizziness and having my ears pop after eating spicy food are the experiences I wasn’t aware of before coming to Thailand.

    1. Crazy – right? I’ve felt my ears start to pop – but, never complete. Wife has them pop all the time. Cheers, thanks for the comment!

  2. Yes, it’s kind of funny that Thais’ think we prefer only bland food without the spice. I have to admit, I was a bit apprehensive about whether I could eat spicy food daily and still HAVE a stomach left after a few years. But, it didn’t take long to get used to it. Yeah, I LOVED Mexican food in the states – and pretty spicy too. Thai food has different Chili’s I guess. The fire feeling only lasts a short time compared to Jalapeno peppers for me. I can eat Thai food QUITE spicy here because the feeling goes away rather quickly. Also I’ve learned the secret that is hard to believe, but it works well. If your mouth is on fire, drink the hottest water or tea or coffee that you can stand! On first try, you might feel like an idiot adding fire to fire, but it works quickly! Yes, you’ll sweat more, but your tongue won’t drop off.

    I have a sneaky suspicion that this does some damage to the taste buds: eating very spicy food and then drinking hot water to remove the spiciness. I think it kills them. I notice that after a couple years here I can eat really spicy food. Did I kill my taste buds?

    What do you think?

  3. When I lived in Thailand,
    everyone, including my Wife,
    never stopped at the chance to
    warn me, when I began to eat a
    spicy dish, saying; “Hey, Thai
    food is spicy, be careful.” I
    enjoy spicy food, especially
    mexican food, but for some
    reason, Thai people belive that
    all Farang’s cannot handle spicy
    food. “A farang’s stomach is very
    delicate, not like Thai people.” said my wife one
    day. It really annoyed me that
    she would make such a
    generalization like that. I
    guess that is one of the
    predisposed ideas about Farangs,
    that Thai people believe. And
    yes, I have experienced that same
    feeling of air coming out of my
    ears when it comes to eating a
    spicy food. I rather enjoy it.

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