Living in Thailand On the Cheap!

I’ve just noticed, after spending a truckload of money, that we are spending little on some other things…

Front brakes (pads) changed at the Honda Dealer – $45.

Rent per month at current 2-bedroom villa with large porch, air con in master bedroom, and relatively safe neighborhood – $150.

Meals for 2 for the last 5 nights – $10 total.

Mailing 140 kg of stuff by Logis (Logist?) Post from one part of the country to another (1400 km) – $45.

1 day of internet on the mobile phone – $1.33. This is a good thing, though, in comparison to ADSL’s faster than EDGE speeds you might not think so on first glance. Problem is – I’ve YET to see an ADSL connection in this town that worked more consistently than my EDGE connection. At 49 THB it’s a bargain.

Anybody else living dirt cheap and want to brag?

Author: Vern

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4 thoughts on “Living in Thailand On the Cheap!”

  1. Let’s call it an extended vacation! Just finished uni and don’t really know what to do with life. So Thailand seemed like a fun option! Planning on volunteering at the local primary school that opened last year. Not too sure what else…

    1. Thailand is definitely a fun option! I came here for a year and am still here 6+ years later. Have you seen other parts of TH? Samui? Trang? Krabi? Phuket?

  2. When you say you are spending $150 on rent, do you mean per week? I am moving to Koh Tao in May for a few months and haven’t been able to find too much online, so we will just wait until we arrive so we can ask around. How much do you think a place with A/C, hot shower, internet, kitchen would set us back. Our budget can be no more than 30 000 THB per month. What do you think?

    1. I haven’t the slightest idea about Koh Tao Louise… never took the boat that far, always just stopped in Samui and didn’t get past it.

      $150 per month.

      On Samui you could expect to pay about 12-20,000 for a place like you describe. You can always pay more of course.

      Are you moving there or is it vacation?



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