Living in Thailand or Return Home to Raise Princess?

Here’s a question that’s hot on my mind lately. Should we hunker down and get used to living in Thailand – raising our daughter here for the rest of her life or should we move to the USA where I can make a multiple of the money we’re earning here?

Living in the USA has really not been all that great now that I have some time in Thailand to compare it to. Many from the US visit Thailand and return, thinking it the lesser of two evils. I think Thailand is absolutely amazing – and, if it weren’t for this school issue… and raising baby issue, I’d be spending the rest of my life in Thailand – until they kicked me out.

The big issue is schools. Sure our girl is only 6 months old, but, decisions need made now if we’re really moving back to Capitalism Central.

Are schools in Thailand the best place to educate kids? Are Hawaii’s schools any better? Tough call between those two I think.

Then there’s the idea of keeping the stress low. Thailand gives me/us this amazingly low level of stress on a daily basis. I really enjoy not getting stressed out about much. Thai ways – are definitely Thai ways, but I’ve opened up to some of them and most things don’t really eat at my core anymore.

There are still some things that bother me – as frequent readers can probably remember.

If staying in Thailand – where is best? At a tourist location like Phuket where there are many international students? I came here to get away from farangs for the most part. Since settling down with my wife I haven’t had the need to visit any of the main tourist spots. I just don’t need it. Did enough of it during my life – heaps!

Anyone have any ideas about this?

Bangkok is out. Phuket is out. Chiang Mai – out. Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat) is out of the question. Where does that leave? What about some spot between Udonthani and Chiang Rai? That seems like some nice country. Is the internet any good there?

I think raising Princess with traditional upbringing would be best if we remain in Thailand. Thai girls raised in the northeast are just amazing to interact with. I’d love for our daughter to resemble her mom in that respect.

Anyone know the ideal place to raise a child in Thailand?!!

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3 thoughts on “Living in Thailand or Return Home to Raise Princess?”

  1. Ultimately only you can decide and there’s no way to know 18 years from now what Jenna will think would have been the best course of action. Yes you can make much more money in the U.S., however your cost of living will skyrocket as well. I don’t think money should be the determining factor for this decision.

    As far as stress levels go Thailand wins hands down. Plus the stress on Nou will be even greater than the stress on you if you decide to come to the U.S.

    Schools are what they throughout the world. If Jenna stays in Thailand for her adult life then school in Thailand should be fine, especially if you can spring for an International school. Things being what they are in Thailand I think the connections she would make there and the appearance she gets from an international school followed by a Chula or Thammassat for University would give her an upper hand in Thailand. I feel that parents involvement is much more important than what school you go to anyway, so either place should be fine.

    Why move somewhere else in Thailand? Or move to Phuket, but more to the north where there are far less tourists?

    I’ll soon be in a similar situation and I think you know what direction Golf and I have chosen so please take the above only for what its worth…

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