Sending Gifts from Thailand to USA Air Mail? You Can’t.

I don’t know if this is news to anyone else, but, since I don’t watch TV or stay tuned to internet news about the USA much – this was news to me.

You cannot send 2 tshirts in a box from Thailand to the USA until January. I was just told this by the postmaster that runs the local post office. Apparently, it’s from the department of homeland security – USA – not Thailand’s new law.

If the package weighs more than something negligible – mine was .4kg – you cannot send it air mail. My two ultra-light packages in envelopes were mailed air mail though.

Get this – to send .4kg in a small box – it will go by BOAT. They said about 3 months to arrive. That will make my son just real pleased to get part of his Christmas gift in late February. It was 260 THB to mail it by boat (registered w/tracking).

Send small gifts this year… lol.

Author: Vern

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2 thoughts on “Sending Gifts from Thailand to USA Air Mail? You Can’t.”

  1. Hello Vern,Just got an ATM card & a credit card from my #1 Son in Cromwell,CT. via UPS for $100. UPS is the only way to ship stuff like this to me here. Most things of value will just vanish when they reach the Philippines. Not sure you got correct info from Thai Postmaster. Sorry to hear if he is correct. In any case best to ship everything a full 3 months early to your son.The world (& the USA) get more surreal everyday. Best wishes,Lee

    1. Not sure I got the right info either – but, a 2nd post office confirmed it the same day. Anything over 453 grams cannot go air mail to USA for the next couple weeks / months? I think 454 grams is a pound – yes? Something like that. So, nothing 1lb or more I guess – can fly.

      Someone at the other post office did say it will likely only take a month for my Christmas gift to go through – not 3 like the main post office said. We’ll see I guess.

      Yep, lots of things have disappeared here when mailed from the states USPS – Priority or something like that. But, if you send UPS or DHL – I think most things get here. Some people get packages like that successfully here. I’ve had some with Fedex I think it was – years ago.

      Ok – time for sleep. Wicked day today – then to cap it off – we got to the restaurant, I went to get $ from ATM. Atm said transaction denied – see bank. Yeah, see bank at this hour on Saturday night – right. I drove home quickly, got another ATM card and tried it – luck – we had cash in that account. Guess we need a couple thousand baht in reserve somewhere for emergencies. We do tend to rely on the ATM cards too much.

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