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I don’t regularly post here anymore. A couple hundred people reading my observations about the day is nice – but man, as most bloggers in Thailand are figuring out – it doesn’t pay the bills. Unless you’re going to be controversial as hell – or get a thrill about writing your online journal and sharing it with the world everyday there’s no real point in blogging full time in Thailand.

The rewards are few.

That said, I write for my family who still read this blog and so I can read it later when I’m back in the USA and hating life. The screwy stuff Thais’ did here will seem like nothing compared to the crap America slings. I know.

I met a guy from Phuket the other day. We spoke in Thai. He really doesn’t like Phuket at all. He was born there, grew up there. He hates what it has become. I told him at first – oh – you are lucky to live there. He said, “lucky why?”. That started our conversation about the horrible place it has become for him.

Too many Thais. Too many farang. Too much traffic. No culture. No Traditions.
Thais are very selfish. Consumed with making money to live. Focused on themselves, not others. Not ever their own kids. Parents whore out their daughters. Their sons. Their ladyboys. Everyone’s on drugs.

If there’s an accident – nobody cares, they look the other way sometimes.

Constant fights all over town. Drug wars, thievery… rape. Murder.

He was really sad about the state of Phuket. (around patong and phuket town)

It made me think of the Hawaiians – when I first got there in 1984 I had Hawaiians hold up big knives in the windows of their car as I rode by on my motorcycle. Why did they threaten me – what did I do? I was a white guy (haole) in their world. I was military too – which was worse in some ways. The USA basically took Hawaii with some smooth talk about protection and big money for those who ran it.

Some Thais’ in Phuket, Ko Samui – other places that have been destroyed by visitors, feel the same apparently. I think they’d better move – Patong isn’t getting any better anytime soon.

Just something I noticed.

There was something else I wanted to comment on – oh – rice.

I noticed that our favorite restaurants (all of them) have changed the excellent rice they used before to something low-grade. It sucks. What is Thailand doing with rice that it has shot up to a world-high? And, why?

There’s more rice in Thailand than any country in the WORLD. It exports more at least – yes? I’ve heard that somewhere. Anyway – we’re feeling the pain here in Thailand too. Low grade rice! The horror of it…

Oh yeah, gasoline is going WAY up too. We’ve had an increase of 4 baht per liter lately… that’s about 12 cents. Supposedly it’s going up another 5 soon. Jeez. Glad I don’t have a car or worse, a truck.

One more thing… If you haven’t been reading Brunty at you’re missing a lot of action – jesus that guy constantly churns out interesting stuff. Today a review of the kids rape little girl incident that is making the rounds. The other day – Brunty kills his neighbor’s new car scratching chicken. Couple days before that Brunty fends off horny Thai guys at an outdoor concert at the village. There’s non-stop action at that blog man. It’s always interesting. GO SEE IT! I vote Brunty the best blogger in Thailand. Nobody else gives a piece of themselves like he does. Nobody says it like it is like he does. Nobody writes from the heart like he does. Really – I’ve read a hell of a lotta blogs in Thailand – mine included – nobody is telling it like Brunty (Jason).

Ok I’ll come back in a couple weeks. I’ll likely change the home page here back to an index because really there will be nothing here in the short-term.

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3 thoughts on “Some Thoughts on Thailand”

  1. Kratai – not sure what you mean. If you read the blog often you’ll see that much of the time I’m telling everyone how great Thailand is because I really believe it’s a much better place to live than in the USA. There are terrible places to live in Thailand. Sex tourism has destroyed parts of your beloved country, or maybe you enjoy what has become of Patong and Pattaya? If that’s your kind of place – great. Don’t gripe at people that hate it. Those two places have gone to hell in my opinion. Pattaya is hell. Patong is on the way there.

    You’re right – the rural parts of Thailand are the absolute best. See, we agree on something…

    Oh – an update – gas prices are – WAY DOWN. We’re getting gas for 70-80% of what it was just 2 months ago. That’s a good thing…

  2. if you think everything in my country is suck then don’t come here again,you’re narrow minded man…have you been anywhere else in thailand?forget Phuket,go to the rural countryside…

    then you’ll see the real Thailand.

  3. I feel the same way too. :( The problem is most educated people leave the country if they can so no real change happens here.

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