Huge Shooting practice at the Military base…

It probably means nothing at all… but We’ve lived here in Surat since June. We live very close to the sports stadium which is next to the military base.

Since about 7 am there have been these HUGE shooting practices going on over there. It sounds like about 50 people are firing all at once. Sounds like pistol fire. I’m not sure what they carry here. But, is there a reason that all the sudden they are practicing like this in a group?

There have been shots there everyday, as they have a shooting range of course. But, it’s sporadic… One or two guns going at any one time. Never in a group.

This is a large group.

Saw a helicopter fly overhead yesterday heading toward the military base. Maybe the situations are linked?

Anyway – probably nothing – just an observation – the Thai military appears to be training.



Author: Vern

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