In Thailand: Google, Yahoo, Facebook, YouTube… All Blocked?

Woke up this morning to a weird situation… and I won’t speculate on the WHY of it – because that is too weird a thought… and heck, might even be disallowed to say it here…

Youtube – down. Google – down. Yahoo email – down. Yahoo chat – down. Google chat – down. Facebook – down. Twitter – down.

Google search – up. Any other site – all up. I’m still looking for other blocked sites but as of now many, many sites are down /blocked?

This comes after the military was urged to put a cap on some websites…hopefully things will open up a bit and we’ll be able to use email again soon!

Author: Vern

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3 thoughts on “In Thailand: Google, Yahoo, Facebook, YouTube… All Blocked?”

  1. yeah, I got the same thing when it happened… It’s hard for us Americans too understand this “govt blocking” thingy.. we’re used to every freedom know to mankind.. sort of.. did you see where in China it’s even worse? Except where President Obama, said, “I am very glad to be here in China”, everything else was pretty much blocked… I most ceretainly believe in freedom of expression, but we in the U.S. go a little overboard sometimes, especially with porn sites… If we in the U.S. were the “Christian” nation we propose to the world, there wouldn’t be a reason to ban “Porn” sites… there wouldn’t be any to ban… but there you go..

  2. I would love to come to thailand but would be by myself (us citizen)
    and dont know where to go. Dont want to do the tourist thing can you help?
    Would appreciate any info


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