a Great Idea? or Notagreatidea?

A friend (Steven Suphan) sent me a link today about a new site – a political satire site about TheNation news…. about Thailand… in “” format called “NOTthenation .com. (

I love the idea! In fact, I blogged about it last year on Christmas day! Here’s my post:

Thailand News, I’m Jonesin’ to Onion It >

I think this has the potential to be incredibly successful. Because Thailand is just so FUNNY to us looking at it from the outside… while on the inside. I’m blown away about everyday with news of something so bizarre and ridiculous that I’m never in need of a good laugh. I usually just go read Jason’s Isaan Style blog and he has great comments on how pathetic life is here at times.

There are only 5 results for notthenation in a google search right now – so I guess they JUST went live. Bangkok Bugle has a post about it in his blog and I just got back from the web site.

It’s well laid out… VERY well designed. I love it. The writing is funny and I sincerely hope they can keep the content flowing. It shouldn’t be hard if they’re dedicated to it – but we’ll see.

I also, sadly, think the site will be blocked within Thailand in just about a month. Just about the time it ramps up and has us all interested, it will die an immediate death and we’ll need to resort to ‘’ or other anonymous proxy servers to access it. Thailand has said that those that use anonymous proxies are breaking the law – I read this somewhere – so, do this at your own risk. I don’t use them anymore.

There are very few posts about this site as it’s so new. It’s likely that the guy (Marc) that broke the news in a forum is the one that either built the site, or it’s his whole beast. He’s an admin with the forum and called “site of the month”. He’s 24 from Germany living in Khon Kaen. His site design skills are brilliant. Look him up if you need a site!

NOTthenation… GOOD LUCK! Hope you go gangbusters….

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