Poof! Like a Magic Act, All is Back to Normal in Thailand

Notice I didn’t say all sorted? Sorted would be a miracle…this is just a magic poof.

Apparently the reds will accept some version of what was offered – elections in November 2010. That would be cool. Thaksin phoned in to Red Shirt leaders to suggest it’s a good timing for a truce – I read somewhere online. Sorry, I didn’t read the article, just the headline.

It seems like I’m the only one out here on a limb making predictions about Thaksin coming back to run this joint – but, it’s open to everyone to give it a shot you know.

What do you see happening over the next 1 year? 2?

I see this…

Elections are held in November or whenever they’re held – no matter really in my scenario… which takes into account the big picture. It might be another year for elections for all any of us knows for sure. Say there is an election.

Some “Thaksin Friendly” male will be elected. He will appear to run the country for a while, at the same time he is paving the way for Thaksin to return. I really believe Thaksin will return soon. Maybe a year? Maybe 2 at the most. He’ll return and he’ll run this country again. I don’t know the specifics of how it will happen, but, it’s bound to happen.

Just a guess anyway. Anybody else?

Author: Vern

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