Thailand Newspapers, Magazines, Ad Agencies… Some STANDARDS Please?

I was reading a story in the Nation that was just atrocious… some Thai kids 16 and under kidnapped a 14 year old girl, gang-raped her and murdered her.

That’s not the point of this story, I don’t cover news all that much, but this kind of thing is happening OFTEN in Thailand. Kids are raping and murdering quite often it appears. Do these types of crimes happen MORE often than in the USA even?

It seems like it to me, and the reason is that I rarely read the online newspapers like The Nation or BKK Post… but, whenever I do there is always something like this as a headline. My girlfriend reads me the Thai newspapers when she gets them every couple of days and there are frequently headlines about gang murders and rapes by kids under 18.

Does Thailand release stats for this kind of thing? Or, could we believe them if they did? I think it must be a serious problem here… anyone have any insight?

The point of this post was to be that even at Nationally syndicated newspapers… (are they globally syndicated?) like the Nation, they can’t find someone that can PROOFREAD THEIR FRICKIN’ ARTICLES? Man, it’s just something that gets my goat… I can almost expect it from Pattaya Mail news or some less than serious newspaper… but, man, this is THE NATION. Aren’t they trying to be taken seriously there?

I’ll cut and paste the article… see how many mistakes you can find in this VERY short article. And, WHY is it so short? Aren’t there a whole mess of details that would be nice to have included about this very serious crime?

It really is no wonder at all that Thai people in general, despite MANY years of education learning English, can’t speak it… It isn’t just newspapers, it’s everyone…. it’s the people that put English signs up on their store and they’re ridulous, they make no sense… and to me shows that they didn’t care enough about their business to get it right. I wonder if this is the way Thais’ are in general about writing… is there just less attention and emphasis placed on getting it correct grammatically? Spelling?

Many Thai people have told me how difficult it is to really learn their language at a high level… Is that true? If it is, does that mean that the majority of the population, though they are literate, cannot properly form sentences consistently even in Thai?

Five boys arrested for allegedly gang-raping and murdering girl

AYUTTHAYA – Police Tuesday arrested five youngsters who allegedly gang raped and killed a 14-year-old schoolgirl in Muang Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya district, eight days after the attack. Police is hunting for a 15yearold suspect who was still at large.

The youngsters aged 14 to 16 had reportedly snatched the victim – Chonthicha Wimolpreuk – while she was waiting in front of Ayutthaya Grand Ville Housing Estate for a bus to her school on September 10 early morning. The girl’s body was found two days later in a rice field behind a hospital in Nakhon Luang district.

The Nation

P,S: If i’ve to made eny grammetikel or speling air-ors in this post, pleas sendme a private email so i as don’t to loose face.

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  1. The topic of the book… not ebook, though it may turn out that way if I can’t publish in NYC or Chicago…

    It started out as a book about the last 3 years I’ve spent in Thailand. I did some things that were out of the ordinary and I’ve had 3 different instances of extortion happen as a result of those choices I made… I finished that book and I ran it by Bangkok Books. George there said, not interesting enough… Now, if you believe that police / immigration officials extortion where I’ve lost over 250,000 baht in the last couple years is not interesting or if you believe that the general tone of my blog is not interesting then yeah, makes sense.

    I don’t believe that. I think that Bangkok Books is protecting themselves and aren’t interested in controversial subject matter.

    I’ve since changed the idea a bit… it will be a book that is about my entire life of farkups and accomplishments and I’ll go straight to New York for publishing it.

    It’s such a drag to write a book because it’s such a long-term project. I’m at 115,000 words and I’ve still got 30000-50000 to look forward to writing – and I’m not. It’s just something that needs done.

    If anyone knows a decent editor that wants a credit in a book that should do well, give me a write…


  2. It’s ‘cos they cut back a lot of their staff recently, including most of the nighttime subs. The standard of editing has slipped a lot in recent weeks, but I doubt they have the budget to correct it at the moment. It’s a shame.

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