Thailand Sites I Like…

I don’t read much about Thailand – but I wish I did.

What I mean is, I wish there was more to read.

I don’t read the Thailand sites focused on politics much. I just don’t care. I care less about Thai politics than I ever did about American politics. It’s just not interesting to me much. The Thaksin situation and the violence in Bangkok is interesting and I read that some.

Where in the world are all the Thailand writers at?

We need more good websites… with more articles written per day. It’s like the whole country is bereft of people that want to churn out interesting articles on a daily basis.

Here’s what I read as often as they put something out. Please, feel free to share your suggestions in the comments – and I’ll go check them out. Be forewarned… if they’re junk – I’ll call them junk and give you one rebuttal. I may then rebut your rebuttal. I get the last word on junk.

If it’s great – I’ll say so.

My List of Favorites:

Steve’s Thailand Musings –

Catherine’s Women Learning Thai –

Jason’s Isaan Style –

Richard Barrow’s sites, like Thailand Voice –

The Thai Pirate –

Jaime Monk (in Phuket) –

My Thai Village Life –

My Thailand Diary –

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6 thoughts on “Thailand Sites I Like…”

  1. I noticed a few hits originating from your site so thought I would see what was up. Sorry I am not a more avid reader of other’s blogs but I am impressed with the effort you put into yours. Thank you for putting me on your Favorites List.

    Not sure how deserving I am, as I am not as prolific or professional as yourself. You made my day, however. Thanks again for being so nice as to include me.

    1. 38,824. That’s how many words are on your diary page. You sure can write my friend! I don’t mind your links to your blog – it looks like good reading from the thousand or so words I did read. Good stuff! I will have a look at your Thailand page in a minute. Welcome to Thailand.

  2. Try this site: I’m pretty sure you were the one who mentioned it to me. Sorry to see it didn’t make your list of most interesting Thai websites. Best wishes,Mr.Lee

    1. Hi Lee – thanks for commenting… hope things are well in the PI for you there…

      Hmm… Dave and I used to chat quite a bit and I enjoyed it for a while. Then he started ignoring my chats and emails when I was asking him why he took down a link to the site. It wasn’t an accident kind of ignoring, it was blatant because I tried repeatedly to reach him on the issue.

      I don’t want to say anything bad about him – but I don’t want to recommend anybody go see his site either! lol. In Thailand there exists a lot of people that are not like me. I’ve resigned myself to that fact and just ignore a lot.

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