Need a Flashlight in Thailand?

This will be the most boring post I’ve ever done… but, if you happen to need a flashlight…

Go to Tesco and get a blue and white 7 inch long (18cm) Toshino “Living Simplicity” flashlight. It is re-chargeable, lightweight, and the damn battery just won’t quit on these things. It’s an LED light with either 3 or 6 LEDs you can turn on at a time. I used one for 5 hours of snake hunting, then, as a test, turned it on 36 hours ago – on full 6 LED – and it is STILL WORKING. It is not as bright as it was with full-charge – but the fact that it’s still working after 41 hours of use is incredible.

I think it cost 160 THB.

Author: Vern

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2 thoughts on “Need a Flashlight in Thailand?”

  1. I bought the black & yellow LED flashlight from Tesco. (Looks the same as the blue/yellow one). Any idea how long it should be recharged for?



  2. Looks good, and a bargain price, LED lights are certainly the way to go these days. I have an LED keyfob on my keys, bright as anything, and the battery has lasted almost a year already.

    Is the blue and white one sold in Tesco the same model as the blue and yellow one in your photograph?

    Difficult to get more exciting than a bit of snake hunting Vern.


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