Thailand Tips #18: AIS Mobile Phone SIM Special Promotions

When you get to Thailand you’ll probably get a SIM card for your mobile phone. You won’t know what rate you’re getting, but it’s probably, almost definitely less than ideal.

You’re probably paying 5 Thai Baht per minute for phone calls and per SMS.

Here’s a way to save a lot of money and get 1.5 baht per minute and 2 baht per SMS to any other mobile phone in Thailand, AIS, DTAC, TRUE, etc.

The coolest part of it is if you call between 2300 hours and 1700 hours you get an HOUR for 1.5 baht if you’re calling another AIS customer.

Here’s the link you’ll need:

AIS Promotions (English) >

Here’s the step by step screencapture video to walk you through it – because the AIS site changes from English to Thai when you try to sign up for a promotion. Don’t ask why – many of the Thai websites revert to Thai even though you choose English…

1-2call AIS Thailand special mobile phone rates

AIS Special Promotion Video – how to get 1.5 Baht per hour rate.

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  1. Nice video “Ajarn” Vern. Maybe you have found a new calling. I think many people will be interested in the content and the video is especially helpful because the ais site is very busy and not user friendly.


    1. Thanks “Ajarn” Darwin. I think there should be more of this practical stuff online for how to optimize visitors’ vacations from those that know. I know you know. You know?

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