Thailand Tips #19: Travel Tips

If you’re coming to Thailand anytime soon and you are looking for a guide that goes beyond the usual hotel reviews and how to wai a Thai person…

Here is a new book full of tips for Thailand visitors – realistic, useful, street-smart tips to help you stay safe in Thailand during your visit – whether short or long-term.

Thai Black Book - Thailand Visitors' Ultimate Survival Guide. Enjoy yourself a lot more as you stay safer during your stay in the Land of Smiles.

Thailand is an amazing place and one that is very different from your home country. Don’t be caught unaware by box jellyfish, poisonous snakes, styles of Thai fights, the concept of “Face” and what it means to Thais’. There are easily 200 tips for helping you get through your stay safer and so, enjoying yourself a lot more.

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4 thoughts on “Thailand Tips #19: Travel Tips”

  1. Following on from this post, and slightly updating it. There is now a countrywide resource for disabled travellers in Thailand called Accessible Thailand the website takes a countrywide view of Thailand. From a wheelchair user’s perspective, it gives in-depth reviews of the best most accessible places and it also has an accessibility star rating system to show you just how accessible and activity or venue is. It should be your first choice when planning a holiday to Thailand

  2. Dear Friends,

    Over the past 6 years I have been traveling to Thailand at least twice a year. I hear you think: ”Nothing special; many people do”. No nothing special when you are an able bodied person. But when you are in a wheelchair you learn about accessibility the hard way. No or little information on the internet. Most handicapped Thai people who should be able to tell their experiences are still living inside. So the demand for wheelchair access has to come from tourists and/or expats. And the information which is gathered or experienced should be shared on the internet. But only little information is shared in online communities, blogs and websites. The information available on the WWW is coming from businesses in the tourism industry. Only little bits are shared afraid as they are to lose their customers.

    After 6 years I can call myself the proud owner of a company which owns a wheelchair accessible holiday home and a adapted apartment for disabled people. The company rent out these places and I stay there myself for part of the year. I have been traveling around Thailand and know many things about accessibility. Such as where to stay, how to travel, things do to, etc. These experiences are worth mentioning because handicapped people and their families want to go on holiday too. So last November I started to write on my Blog Wheelchair accessible holidays Thailand. Since then I wrote more than 50 posts. I already think it is worth reading the little posts, see the pictures, watch the movies and follow the links to more information. And in case you can’t find the information you are looking for we will try to find it and share with you and the rest of the world.

    Regards, Jan and Hanneke van der Linde

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