Things That Made Me Say – WTF Today

Just a couple things going on in my head…

1. There is a guy catching cobras near Nong Khai that can’t tell what a monocled cobra is, versus a King Cobra. He has two of them setup in what appears to be a nice big enclosure for them. How does someone catch cobras and yet not know what kind are being caught? There are cobras here that spit in your eyes 2-3 meters away and fark up your eyes REAL good. You could literally go blind. Could he tell that kind of cobra from 2-3 meters away?

I’m not mentioning any names of course, it just make me go – WTF – real loud when I got the photo of a cobra with a monocle on the back hood – VERY clearly – and he asked whether I knew if it was a King cobra.

People catching snakes that can kill them in 10-30 minutes shouldn’t be asking those questions I think.

What do you think?

2. On the same road that I saw a brain laying on – I’m assuming human, I saw 3 accidents today. WTF? I went over 2 years without seeing one accident where I live. As soon as I travel on this road to Nakhon – bang – accidents all the time. It’s strange.

3. I saw my first Thai person with obsessive compulsive disorder. She was selling me something and counted the money, recounted the money, wrote down my purchase, wrote down my discount, did it all again, did it again. Did it again. And, did it two more times before I left. You don’t usually see people with OCD in Thailand. I see them much more often back in the states.

4. This wasn’t today – it was 1-2 nights ago. Nights are running together now, not enough sleep. I went into the garage. There was a snake hanging out of the ceiling. It was exactly the same size and type of snake that I have in a plastic container that I got a few days before. EXACTLY. I have never seen another snake of that size – baby – about 15 inches long – before in Thailand. And I look OFTEN.

I checked my container – and there it was. I looked up at the ceiling – and there it was. WTF? Cool, we’ve got Golden Tree Snake babies at the house! I tried to catch it but he saw me coming and pulled up into the crack in the ceiling.

You got any WTF”s you want to share?

Author: Vern

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4 thoughts on “Things That Made Me Say – WTF Today”

  1. Hi Vern,

    You have great site and great info for person going on a vacation.

    I think you are comparing Thailand to the Developed countries, where everything easy. Most countries still have the growing pangs. Even to get basics people need to STRUGGLE. Suggest the best thing would be to understand them. May try spending a week with one of the Locals as a Paying guest.



  2. Hi Vern,
    Just a few quick notes as I need to go take a bucket shower.
    1.) I’m thinking the guy you saw catching cobras,isn’t going to be with us much longer. Must have a HUGE death wish.
    2.) Brain in road,maybe a place you don’t want to be riding in? Lots of accidents = don’t ride there(unless you have no choice)?
    3.) OCD is rampart here. Most of the cases I’ve seen here are females and involve showering (bucket shower),washing clothes,& house cleaning. Lucky that most cases aren’t as severe a the woman you met.

    Best wishes always,
    Lee & Maricar (who spent all weekend working on teaching aids for her co-teachers & students)

  3. Heavy road construction in Hua Hin. Lots of heavy road equipment. Thai moves red flag down signaling traffic to stop, because of 3 big dump trucks coming to unload. Motorcycles and cars still proceed ignoring the warning. WTF

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