I Need Someone in Thailand Into Video

I have a few projects in mind – and I need another person interested in doing some video here in Thailand. None of this will be adult video – so cool your turnip, I’m talking about documentary type video, and also some crazy ideas that could be turned into a pay-website (I’ll create).

If you know what you’re doing with a video camera and you’re tired of teaching or whatever you’re doing in Thailand to support yourself… do let me know. I’ve got a few ideas that will work, but I’ve got 45 things going on. If you make yourself known by zapping me an email, I’ll be more likely to run with these ideas. I do love video projects more than anything else I do. Writing books is meh…

Lets do some kickass video. Thailand is ripe for this…

Author: Vern

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3 thoughts on “I Need Someone in Thailand Into Video”

  1. I’m your man vern!

    I have a Nice sony vaio with all the sony editing software we would ever need (imagination studio 2), Jvc handycam, x2 handheld HD cams, a fujifilm finepix 1500 digital cam, and a nikon film slr.

    Ive taken every class my local town offers for film, graphic design, and photography. EVERY teacher I have had has sent me free from the class within the first few days after seeing my “artistic eye”.

    Vern. Ive decided this is what i want from life, i am going after this full throttle, But i NEED a mentor in thailand, you need a competent assistant!


    Neil Secor

    thailandtravel2011@yahoo.com or neilsecor@yahoo.com

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