7 E-Books at ThaiPulse.com

I decided to make all the e-books available at ThailandeBooks.com since I know they’ll sell better there.

E-Books available at ThailandeBooks.com:

  • Joy’s Thai Food Recipe E-Book, 99 pages of Authentic Thai Food Recipes
  • Joy’s Top 20 Thai Desserts Recipe E-Book, 50 pages of great Thai desserts
  • Thailand’s Sickest, Mike Fook Novel of vigilantism in Patong Beach, Thailand.
  • Living in Thailand, by Pete Mees. An expats first couple years
  • 22-Day Meditation Course (meditation without religion)

Author: Vern

I'm an American expat living in Thailand. I like to write informative pieces about life in, living in Thailand, including topics like: Thai People, Thai Culture, Nightlife, Technology, and I have published a lot of photographs, videos, and even books on Thailand that you can find at ThailandeBooks.com. There are many photographs of Thailand here - feel free to share with attribution (a link back to the home page). All written content on this site by Vern Lovic. Contact me at Google+.

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  1. Hi! I tried to download the Living in Thailand eBook, but after filling out the form and clicking the submit button, I only got an error page. Could you please email me at amyji2 at gmail dot com when it is available?

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