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There are a few good Thailand writers out there – and I’m calling “good” according to what I enjoyed reading.

The best Thailand writer, is, of course – Mike Fook. If you haven’t read Mike’s books you aren’t reading books about Thailand at all. (tongue in cheek).

Other Thailand writers I enjoyed:

Paul Garrigan

Stephen Leather

Christopher Moore

And, who was that guy that looks like a cross between James Taylor and Burt Reynolds? Damn I forget his name, but I did enjoy reading his website a lot – but it was 4-5 years ago and I’ve forgotten his name, site, and books. I’m sure someone knows who I’m talking about.

There was another writer that self-published. I think he was from Ireland, but again – damn if I remember! Ok, i’ll go research this stuff as this post is quickly going down the shitter as entertainment. I’m not even laughing… hold a sec. Nope – couldn’t find anything on the guy. Ok, searched more and found him – David Young.

Ok, the James Taylor look alike I cannot find anywhere. He was a writer from YEARS ago – and was on the web and findable back then – now he’s been lost in the glut of info on google. He had a book about marrying twin sisters or something like that – anyone remember? He had the worst site in the history of the web – bad text on bad website – and it hurt my eyes to read – but I read a lot anyway and liked what he was saying. Anyway – he’s lost in the mix – no idea who he is now.

I’ve not read anything by Timothy Hallinan – but I might break down and buy something. Maybe just contact him and go for a swap on books or something.

Are there any other writers that you enjoy?

I know many people like the following – but I can’t get into the style…

John Burdett, Jake Needham, or the guy that did My Thai Girl or Thai Girl 2004 or something like that – Andrew ______. I used to correspond with him for a bit, but man that was a while back. Ok, Andrew Hicks – there, I looked it up.

Out of the 1,000 stories I’ve read at StickmanBangkok I found about 3 writers I enjoy. Korski, Dana (not my style, but I can appreciate the guy’s writing), and another guy that isn’t coming to mind at the moment. I don’t think any of them have written books though.

Are there any women writers in Thailand that you enjoy reading? Catherine at writes very well and I enjoy the heck out of her site, but I don’t think she has a book. Richard Barrow writes a great factual based story – but I don’t think he has written a book, but he did help that Thai guy in prison for drugs, Gor, write one.

Tell me about writers you like – I’d like to find some more good ones.


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2 thoughts on “Thailand Writers”

  1. Thanks for the mention Vern; I appreciate it. Andrew Hicks provided some positive feedback about my writing at exactly the right time in my life – I’m grateful to him for that. I’ve only started reading a lot of Thai blogs recently and I’m often impressed with the content. There are also some good female writers offering a different perspective on Thailand; Catherine over at WLT is a real darling and she is always helpful. I’ve enjoyed the John Burdett books but I’ve only read Private Dancer by Stephen Leather. I’ve only read 2 books by Thai based writers that were truly awful; most of it is enjoyable.

    BTW; I’m impressed with your Mike Fook eBook performance. I think it is a good model for a lot of aspiring Thai based writers to follow; although I do think that there is a few years left in traditional publishing yet.

    1. No problem Paul – you write in a way that I want to read. Andrew Hicks is a very friendly guy and I’ve tried to help him a couple of times. His Thai Girl book is a giant seller I’m sure.

      Thanks – re: Right now what I’ve learned is that writing a LOT of books can get you decent numbers. Now I need to learn how to write one excellent book that gives amazing numbers. Amazon is a tough nut to crack, but, once cracked, is good to have in your mouth. That make any sense? Nahhh… Ok, nevermind.

      Cheers Paul!

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